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Allison Parrish @aparrish

oh jeez I can't believe I didn't already know about this python module for working with dates, times, timestamps (from this excellent post by @brainwane)

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@aparrish @brainwane Yeah, I ran into this this past week. It looks pretty awesome.

@aparrish @brainwane Yes. But why would you name it like this? Arrow? Am I missing something here? If it's "heavily inspired by moment.js", why not a similar name?

@aparrish @brainwane Ok, my bad. I didn't know of these. I guess it makes sense.

@aparrish You're not alone! @leonardr had maybe heard of it and had never used it either. I think experienced programmers like you both already are used to the %Y formatting stuff so haven't sought alternatives recently? Also I met an Arrow maintainer at PyGotham -- even a tiny personal connection makes me trust a module more.