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kinda a long shot but can anyone recommend a contemporary english-language chapter-length academic introduction to the history and/or practice of i ching that avoids cultural stereotypes, orientalism, etc? (the "academic" here is meant to signal that i would prefer something rigorous with citations, not necessarily but maybe preferably from someone doing research in the humanities) (also specifically NOT looking for research focused on skepticism or debunking)

(i have assigned jung's introduction to the wilhelm translation in the past but it does actually need a cw for thoughtless orientalism which i would prefer to avoid in my class where many students are from china)

Allison Parrish @aparrish

(not that i would be okay with assigning rampant racism in a class where there were no chinese students, yikes 😖)

@aparrish I doubt this is the type of thing you are looking for but John Cage talks about his use of the I Ching for composition in his book Silence on pages 57-59.

@aparrish here's the piece of music the comments are atrocious & hilarious at the same time.