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Allison Parrish @aparrish

went to the Thinking Machines exhibition at MoMA today and it very good—modest in the number of works but many i'd never heard before and it was cool to see a print out of "House of Dust" is person. there were a number of pieces by Vera Molnar, whose work is so amazing i'm actually angry that i hadn't known about her before

"many i'd never heard of before" i meant to type. it was not primarily sound art, though there was a weird algorithmic harpsichord recording by john cage

@aparrish thanks for posting, I hadn't heard of her before.

@aparrish I can't stop thinking about the Olivetti terminal in that show

@aparrish just looked up the exhibition description on the MoMA website and it looks awesome. Might have to make an NYC trip to see it.

check out this walkthrough of a vera molnar exhibition from 2013 though 😍

speaking of women artists working with abstraction that I'd somehow never known about before, alma woodsey thomas