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Allison Parrish @aparrish

don't know why I didn't realize that draw, drag, draft are all kinda essentially the same word not sure exactly what metaphor is operating to get us to "draw" as "make marks on a surface in order to depict something"? because you're dragging the pencil across the surface of the paper?

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also weird that writing is etymologically *carving* while drawing is etymologically *extracting*

@amsomniac @aparrish words were first carved into clay, stone, or wax. Drawing has pretty much always been done by squeezing or scraping pigment out of an implement onto a surface.

@aparrish Perhaps it refers to how we draw forth an image from our imagination out onto a visible surface? But actually I think you got it right, the physical action is we draw our stylus across the surface.

@aparrish I've looked into this and thought about this before, and the conclusion I came to is that "draw" is from "drag". (Recall that graphite pencils are a relatively recent invention; in the Renaissance, if you made a drawing you were probably using silverpoint, and silverpoint is definitely a kind of dragging:

@aparrish Perhaps the experience of visual art can sometimes feel like the thing exists already and you are simply bringing it here--literally drawing it out of the internally envisioned reality and into this one. I recently experienced this for the first time.

@aparrish You also draw cards, curtains, and blood. You don't draw your drawers though. You just open them.

@aparrish If you're drinking your draught beer from a keg, you have to draw the pump.

@aparrish Why do they call it taking a dump when you're really leaving a dump?