serious question: why aren't there equivalents to the Persona games set in the United States? (e.g. epic turn-based RPGs about being a teenager set in the present day)

(just thinking about how I've played seemingly countless video games set in Tokyo but few if any games set in New York City. or *any* US city really, other than their apocalyptic versions in e.g. fallout)

@aparrish it strikes me that mainstream US media doesn't really do slice-of-life stuff much, while it's not uncommon in manga so there might be more tolerance for that kind of setting in the Japanese market?

@theoutrider I wasn't even considering the mundane/visual novel aspects of the persona games, just the teenagers-doing-battle aspect. in any case I feel like I can come up with like a gazillion tv shows that have slice-of-life characteristics about teens in the US, though. like, veronica mars is essentially persona 4

@aparrish that's fair - I've never seen VM but the American films and TV and comics I've been exposed to haven't really done it much

I guess soap operas kind of do as well? but they're hamming everything up for the drama and all

@aparrish @bentosmile gave me Love Roma to read a while ago and it's so different in tone from almost any American (or European, really) media I've encountered

like it doesn't really try to stick to any particular tone (say, the way a sitcom does even when it explores character development etc) or anything, it's just consistently a really nice, sincere, low-key thing about teenage relationships

@aparrish like, uh, Malcolm in the Middle has a lot of kind of good depictions of what life is like when you're "just barely managing", but the (admittedly tremendous) layer of slapstick comedy is so thick that the "life" aspect feels almost coincidental

(I'm kind of straining for examples here because I've never thought about this in a lot of detail)

@aparrish it was hard enough getting those imported here. I think it is a very niche market here.

@CitySquirrel ? atlus sold 500k copies of persona 5 last year, admittedly not call of duty levels but hardly niche. I don't understand how that answers the question, either—even if persona is "niche," why isn't there an equivalent niche for a similar game set in the US?

@aparrish Well there is...filled by Persona and its like, market. Atlus did maybe a quarter of its sales here in the US. Look how many games the top sellers all sold! Compared to CoD, AC, and licenses like Starwars, FIFA, and WWE that is extremely niche. Remember, Battlefront 2 was considered to under perform and it sold almost 10 million copies, so anything selling 2 million world wide is considered small potatoes.

@aparrish BUT that was much higher than previous persona games so it seems like they are catching on. This means that maybe a North American developer might try to jump on the bandwagon. I just think that games like Persona are so very Japanese that it would take an actual imitator to make one taking place here. It wouldn't pop up naturally.

@aparrish traditionally jrpgs are made by the japanese. The slice of life aspect of a japanese school system is going to reflected in that.

Aside from that, game devs focus more on action games by default for the US. Traditionally those sell better. Not to say that there couldn't be a western company to make a jrpg style game in a western school system, but since it's outside the norm it's a financial risk.

@aparrish this is probably related to why playing Life Is Strange was such an affecting experience for me. It touched on so much about growing up and coming of age that few (US) games have even attempted to do. I also have the sense that Japanese media has always focused more on the experience particularly of *being in high school* than US media, where it is more a mere setting.

@aparrish because Lycaon is an idiot that won't finish that game she is making, because she always wants to make it perfect
but she wants to make it, so maybe follow her =P

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