since the dawn of the written word people have made amulets and talismans from holy texts and in this sense a pinned toot is like a horseshoe you hang over a barn door

@aparrish Many cultures believed that there are supernatural or magical powers in letters themselves. The Chinese had various combinations of characters and brush strokes, the Jewish mysticism is full of them, the ancient Nordic people had bind-runes, some Buddhists believe Sanskrit letters possess powers... etc etc

@aparrish Heisenberg told the story of Bohr nailing a horseshoe over a door. A neighbor asked Bohr whether he, a level-headed scientist, believed in lucky charms. Bohr replied, "No, but I'm told it works even if you do not believe in it."

@aparrish In the old days, who would’ve been vain enough to make an amulet from their own writing?🙃

With the downside that you can't fling a toot at ne'er do wells to scare them off

@DialMforMara @aparrish super glad you boosted this as I’m now contemplating hex signs again. I live in PA. I think it’s fair to want one.

@aparrish Reminds of something I was watching the other day. It's more interesting than the title might suggest, imo.

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