I trained a recurrent neural network on all of the titles of papers in my Zotero and my research and practice got completely roasted gist.github.com/aparrish/3d95b

like, "The Poetry: Interpreted Language to Representations" is 100% a paper I would immediately download and print out and read on the subway

@smallsees my original goal with this was to make my own personal clickbait generator 🙃

@aparrish But not a coy nook to be found.

The human ... or space alien cat ... touch is still needed.

@aparrish The Head You Document is, in this case, your own.

"The constupation"
"Witch Forms of Experts"
"Indexing screates of processing in processing"
This is some good stuff

@aparrish be honest. You were looking for the title for your next paper, weren't you?

@fullywoolly kinda actually. but to be fair writers have been using generative processes to help with creativity since ancient times

@aparrish I'm not faulting you. I think it is pretty clever!

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