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Allison Parrish

replacing each word in _The Road Not Taken_ with a word from _Sea Rose_ that begins with the same letter (when such a word is available)

speaking of women artists working with abstraction that I'd somehow never known about before, alma woodsey thomas

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trying to imagine the version of unicode that would have arisen in an alternate universe where the cooke and wheatstone telegraph had taken the world by storm instead of morse code and baudot etc.

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more hershey font experimentation, every point in the font is a vector being attracted to the points made with clicks

what I actually *meant* to make: varying line thickness with the angle of the line, then multiplying line lengths by a perlin noise value (controlling multipliers for both with mouseX/mouseY)

playing around with angles in the hershey sans font; here's a pleasing glitchy mistake

this table of types of ancient mesopotamian diviners would make a great list of classes for, like, a fortune telling RPG (from Koch's _Mesopotamian Divination Texts: Conversing with the Gods_)

still screenshot using a looser rotation transform and the script font

experimenting with the hershey fonts tonight ( made a kind of... uh, type centipede by drawing the next character starting from the point where the previous one began

drawing text around a circle with perspective. (the ultimate goal is to make a persona 5 battle menu generator, this is the first step.) this is all CSS & more fiddly than it seems (fiddliest part was flipping the text so it appears the right way up on the right side of the circle)

(going to just hashtag these from now on instead of putting them all in the same thread; thread with previous experiments here: