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Allison Parrish

generating sentences from a tiny toy English grammar (written in Tracery) using word lists from Corpora Project. I dunno. I doubt I'll ever get sick of doing this kind of thing.

micropoems with English ergative verbs (i.e., verbs that can be used transitively or intransitively) (preparing a pull request for corpora project)

I trained a recurrent neural network on all of the titles of papers in my Zotero and my research and practice got completely roasted

a lengthy and precisely transcribed interview with me is available now on topics include text mode DOS games, gertrude stein, constructed language, phonetic similarity, not knowing what to do with your life.

today in office hours I demonstrated for a student how to modify a binary file in python and ended up with this lovely glitched frisée jpeg. (I don't remember why I had a jpeg of frisée on my desktop)

happened across this (again following refs from Skemer's _Binding Words_) example of chain-letter-esque language from a 9th century Ireland version of the "Sunday Letter" (not making any claims or arguments with this but it's remarkable how much the language resembles a chain letter)

I love that the transliteration of this 3rd century CE amulet looks like mojibake (actually I'm not entirely sure it isn't mojibake) (via

genesis plus a little bit of enron e-mail subject lines plus a little bit of frankenstein

working on a markov chain text generator that lets you adjust weights between probabilities from different source texts... here's output from the generator trained on kjv genesis and robert frost, moving from all genesis to all frost (i.e., position 5 means 0.5 genesis, 0.5 frost)

this dataset of cat and dog registration info (name, breed, etc.) from australia is pretty great "bella" is an extremely popular name for a pet cat, who knew (via

i've reached the part of learning chinese where they show you how to write room descriptions for classic text adventure games

the word "books" is... vibrating... on proquest for me right now

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my list of open documents in preview is a pretty accurate summary of what I've been working on so far this semester...

this was a huge digression from what I was supposed to be doing today, but I think these plates of waveforms from recorded speech made by Théodore Rosset in 1911 (using a weird photographic method?) are gorgeous (source:

I turned the temperature up to 1.5 and expanded the range of human moods beyond any reasonable limit

list of new human moods, trained on this list after just one epoch (!) tag yourself, I'm "discrementificant"

oh wow, this library that includes a pretrained model ( makes it super easy to experiment with RNN-generated text... here are fourteen lines from five epochs of training on shakespeare's sonnets, temperature 0.8...

among the miscellaneous hazards of scientific research in the belle époque (from Alvarado, Carlos S. “Psychic Phenomena and the Brain Hemispheres: Some Nineteenth-Century Publications.” Journal of Scientific Exploration, vol. 30, no. 4, Dec. 2016, pp. 559–85.)