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one more of these hershey font/l-system typography experiments. this is pretty close to the thing I was envisioning in my head when I started with all of this

anyway now I can turn letters into lsystems and grow plantpersands

back on those typography experiments. converted hershey font coordinates to logo-esque turtle instructions (pen up, pen down, rotate, move), modifying parameters interactively

ten randomly sampled direct object noun chunks from the romantic comedy plot summary corpus I've been working with

recombining grammatical constituents parsed from romantic comedy plot descriptions on wikipedia with a tracery grammar

I can't believe they keep letting me use computers

allison culture is having eight instances of jupyter notebook open at any time

coming across plot summary prose gems by randomly sampling wikiplots: "...unfortunately, due to external circumstances continuation of this connection does not develop" en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Three_Po

from the manual for TJ-2, "thought to be the first page layout program" (1961). sort of a weird combination of a plaintext markup language and an interactive text editor?

this year's ISEA themes look like they could the titles from a list of 2019's most anticipated new JRPG IPs isea2019.isea-international.or

story generator update: I made it so you can attach a tracery grammar to each story event, which kinda makes it come alive a bit

(trying to make the simplest possible rules-driven framework for story generation, this is part of the definition for that story)

from the MÉXICA algorithm, an answer to the age-old question of how best to end a story

indexing notebooks from this year so far, found this elaborate workshop lettering-doodle from last summer

I used twine to make this slide for class to explain how dialog tree romance games pretty much always work

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