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Allison Parrish

@leonardr I mean, what's the earliest example you can think of?

earliest I can find so far is (from 1993). wording therein suggests that there was a 1 million-word pg corpus already floating around at that point

it's also super suspicious and silicon-valley-dystopian that google scholar's "sort by date" feature actually just shows citations for your query in the past year, as things that happened in the past could not possibly matter?!

what was the first statistical study that used project gutenberg as a corpus? (including nlproc, computational linguistics, digital humanities, etc. under the heading of "statistical study") for that matter, what was the first computational creativity project to use pg as a corpus?

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"[B]oth mora counts and number of voiced obstruents in their name seem to, albeit stochastically, affect Pokémon characters’ size, weight, and strength parameters. Vowel quality in initial syllables seems to have a tangible effect as well." cfp for linguistics conference on pokémon sound symbolism (via rctatman on birdsite)

taught my last class of the semester tonight! excellent students and projects this semester. nothing else to add, just feeling a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment. 🎷

@viTekiM I can't tell if any of the list items from from "Uncle O'Grimacey" on down are even real. an unnamed vulture. "a floating, fast-moving green fuzzball with orange arms and a monstrous face."

Looking for #Patreon alternatives? Long comparison list of crowdfunding sites includes 16 Patreon-like subscription sites (Snowdrift Wiki):

I'm sick of seeing this image in sets, so I'm now filing issues. Feel free to copy-paste where you see fit.

is it possible for 2FA to be *too* aggressive? NYU's new 2FA system claims to "remember you for a day" but essentially needs you to get out your phone every time you log in (and this affects tons of systems, from accessing google docs to authenticating with the library to access pdfs of academic journals). I wonder if it's subtly leading to people using NYU services less (and therefore using other less-authenticated systems that are, e.g., more open to ferpa violations)

actually this paper is not very good. austin lumped poetry in with storytelling, drama, etc. as kinds of speech in which a performative utterance might not take effect, for obvious reasons, calling those uses "not 'serious'" (i.e., they don't actually commit the speaker to anything). the author is basically saying "but poetry is serious! I take it very seriously. how dare you say otherwise!" and then walking back his own misunderstanding of austin's use of the word "serious"

also for some reason i 100% always think it's spelled "j.l. austen" at first and have to look it up. maybe because "austin" seems too unacceptably wild west sheriffy or something and "austen" is dignified by comparison? or my headcanon is that he's secretly the great great great great grandson of the famous jane of that name and spelling. a long dignified direct family line of people doing things with words

new research topic, who was j.l. austin's favorite poet

machine learning model to predict how likely it is that a given emoji in a text was automatically suggested by the writer's operating system/soft keyboard 🤔

@KitRedgrave this would be pretty great tbh. would make a great teaching language too