Submit very short Web digital poetry & e-lit to TAPER #2 and please read our first issue! The journal hosts tiny FLOSS pages/programs

@deerful @darius of all the demographics in the world i can think of none less deserving of special regard when making posts on the internet than random linux devs you've never met before

@darius @limeguy @six just the care taken to cut out and re-composite the hand, chef kiss mwah

@vaguery ha, I can understand that! I kinda love it though. for me it will always signify The Future

@deerful the whole point of mastodon is to be tediously nerdy on main imo

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folks i'm gonna be real honest with you...

i NEED this Mastodon thing to take off because i just ordered 80,000 of these bumper stickers from the printer, and i can't afford to be caught holdin' my junk if this whole thing fizzles.

please consider my personal commercial interests when choosing a social media platform, thk u!

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if I'm missing yours or you want to add good songs you know of, say so!

@ranjit (was poking around in my own itoons library xml)

@ranjit my sort was by rating (high to low)! all songs on this list: total favs (including macarthur's park)

Tonight, Tonight - Smashing Pumpkins
Mark Rothko Song - Dar Williams
MacArthur's Park - Richard Harris
Roygbiv - Boards of Canada
Do You Know How To Waltz - Low
Diamond Day - Vashti Bunyan
You Didn't Know That Though - Blackalicious
Giant Contraband Robot - Anamanaguchi

(I had aid from python in coming up with this list)

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