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If you start a toot with "I'm not adding a CW because I think this is important" then I may think it is important to block your ass.

You don't get to decide what topics people can or can't deal with.

every plant name is in the intersection of the venn diagram with "folk band name" in one circle and "jrpg item" in the other

the folk onomastics of plants in general is just amazing and weird and baffling, e.g. from

oh god this is on my computer screen all day and I had no idea: "The Bluetooth wireless specification design was named after the king in 1997, and the Bluetooth logo consists of a Younger futhark bindrune for his initials, H (ᚼ) and B (ᛒ)."

I sent a really detailed investigation about the word "lanceleaf" to the OED a few weeks ago and they never wrote me back 😐 I mean I know the OED must get all kinds of cranks writing into them about words but "lanceleaf" isn't in the OED and I found some really juicy uses from the 1800s and stuff. oh well

screen is one of those things that I should have been using for twenty years but never actually learned how to use, whoops

nice and simple tutorial on how to use screen to connect to jupyter notebook running on a remote server

The pi manifesto: no really, pi is right!

They did the take so I don't have to

allison's nyc celebrity sightings, rated

accidentally standing next to rob corddry at a decemberists concert, 2005? 2006?: 5/10

paul begala crossing the street near columbus circle, 2008: 4/10

various film and tv folks in the Tisch elevator, 2006-present (Spike Lee, I think Haley Joel Osment once?): 6/10

mario batali on waverly place earlier this year: 1/10

polygon's Patrick Gill of Gill and Gilbert fame, pretty sure it was him like yesterday on the subway: 11/10 would celebrity-sight again

between the github/microsoft deal and apple dropping opengl i feel like the future path of non-proprietary foss programming in education and the arts has become much rockier in the past few days

I'm speaking at Practice later this june a conference in NYC for game designers hosted by NYU's Game Center. I'll be talking about the design of Rewordable and other related word stuff! the speaker list is AMAZING this year and if you have the time/inclination/cash you should definitely be there

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I'm sonifying word vectors in ChucK and this is the only way I could get it to accept fifty floats over OSC in one call

in case you need a python easing function that goes fast at the beginning and end and more slowly in the middle,

acosease = lambda n: math.acos((-2 * n) + 1) / math.pi

very annoyed with this slow bit of code that i can't make run faster. somehow i can do thousands of nearest neighbors lookups per second but can't construct an array of coordinates for a few hundred character glyphs without it taking 250ms, this is probably why people use c++ and stuff huh

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