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another trick to having a good time on mastodon imo: start tooting about anything other than mastodon

I've started having a better time on Mastodon/Fediverse by treating this like early Twitter: I try to follow back everyone in order to fill my timeline with stuff. I aggressively follow anyone when I see a boost of something they wrote that I like. I am going to start doing the ol' Follow Friday thing to help other people find people. I follow a lot of people I know *NOTHING* about but it's finally lively enough to keep me engaged.

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python's zipfile library doesn't work with the "implosion" compression algorithm and this is making my life difficult right now

@KaraAJC If ur looking for some POC to follow (in no particular order)

@guerrillarain: goth queen/language enthusiast/writer of cool shit

@Altruest: one of the happiest people on the internet

@Are0h: runs playvicious instance, one of the kings of clapback

@jalcine: knows all the sys adminy things

@somarasu: part shit-poster, part web desinger, all around awesome

@ArtistMarciaX: boss ass artist spilling truth all over the TL

@staticsafe: OG tooter, boosts all kinds of beautiful art

accounts to follow—no particular order, not exhaustive, just some friends and acquaintances and others on here with good feeds and/or with whom I've had good interactions recently


and yes I know it's not friday but I'm trying to build some network effects here

Well, it's worth a try...anyone know any other linguists on here? to me shows that natural language processing as a field and set of technologies is maybe *uniquely* suited to poetry generation—poetry being the genre of writing devoted, like real estate agents, to showing people around the weird space between "raw text" and meaning

@cwebber You've probably seen it before but this reminds me of an article I used to show my bootcamp students when I would tell them stories about legacy code and they'd look at me skeptically...

also great I'm looking at all of the software developer jobs on these sites and seeing the 🤑yearly $alaries🤑 and trying to remember exactly why I left that industry to make art and be a college professor again??

I should clarify here—I'm working freelance for them, but they're recruiting for a full-time salaried position

hey programmers (especially backend web devs), where do you go to look for jobs? I'm trying to help a freelance client recruit for a position and they're not having luck with their regular haunts

there's like seventeen hundred different project gutenberg corpus projects but none of them do this. there are lots of straight-up PG mirrors (inheriting PG's weird directory structure), lots of projects that break the files up and rewrite the PG RDF, tons of projects that just select a subset of the files and work with those only, etc etc etc etc. but nothing that's just file, file, file, metadata

all I want is a big flat directory with all of the project gutenberg files in plain text format, unambiguously numbered in order, and an easy-to-use file with the associated metadata. why has no one done this?

uspol, climate Show more GAN synthesizes (unnerving) images of faces from textual descriptions

I've packaged and released version 1.0.0 of olipy, a set of art supplies for making text-based art with Python.

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