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The secret revenue model that no social network has been brave enough to try but will absolutely 100% work is one where users pay you every month not to change anything

vim: there's more than one way to do it, i.e. the way you're doing it now, and the slightly more convenient way to do it that you'll discover by accident sometime in the next twenty years

kinda upset that I didn't know you could do filename completion in vim with ^X^F

I've been opening the directory listing in a separate pane and yanking/pasting filenames like some rank grade schooler this whole time

but I can't stay mad at you vim 😘

if you're having trouble visualizing the recursive centaur i've made this helpful reference

whoops I meant to say "weird and perfect example" though I guess it is also our weird and perfect reality. (taking "perfect" in not in its meaning of "nice" but in its more sinister meaning of "somehow considered to be complete even though nothing can ever truly be complete")

my favorite Google Places ad is in the West 4th St station here in NYC, a big poster that reads "You don't know {West Village} yet" where "West Village" is in a different color from the rest of the text. no one would actually say this (you'd always say "_the_ West Village"). you can almost hear the computer-voice template replacement in your head.

You don't know

weird and perfect reality of google trying to overwrite the territory with its map

seeing ads for this "Google Places" or whatever all over the place and i'm just like, oh good, america's creepiest monopsony has found yet another way to exploit its ghoulish panopticonesque data hoard to run a protection racket

if i were to write this paper i would call it "how to mean things with hyperlinks"

a lot of emphasis in the literature about the raw topology of hypertexts and their surface-level textual features, need to find writing on a possible taxonomy of how lexia bind to the semantics of narrative structure (sorta like how theta roles and verb frames in linguistics bind the semantics of the sentence to the syntax) (this is especially important in contemporary twine games where i feel like links/edges conflate movement through space, branching plots, asides and elaborations, etc)

there is no more paradigmatic example of "ergodic literature" than the Magic 8-Ball, fight me and/or cite me

espen aarseth has no time for your "interactive" garbage, get out of here with that stuff

"This trajectory [of the term _interactive_] is typical of industrial terms appropriated by analysts of technoculture... and shows how commercial rhetoric is accepted uncritically by academics.... The word _interactive_ operates textually rather than analytically, as it connotes various vague ideas of computer screens, user freedom, and personalized media, while denoting nothing. [...] To declare a system interactive is to endorse it with magic power" (Aarseth, Cybertext, p. 48)

in conclusion, I have no idea what i'm talking about and strive in the future to not know what i'm talking about in ever more careful and educated ways

tfw revisiting texts you read in grad school that you were pretty meh on but now you can see clearly contain All Of The Answers (Aarseth's _Cybertext_ at the moment)

@ranjit Minus words from DMs:

(Naif coding: singular and plural forms both show up in list, stray punctuation on occasion, &c.)

New blog post: "Coming Back to My Senses" -- driving, dressing, sketching, and practicing being embodied

(I really need just... like... a statistics person that I hire to sit next to me at all times and explain statistics stuff to me and tell me when/how/if my ideas are bad and—when the ideas are good—how to go about implementing them in rigorous ways)

actual question, why don't any (that I know of?) markov chain text generators use softmax with adjustable temperature? seems like it would be useful in controlling variation

climate change, internet discourse, research request 

Hi Allison, I'm an italian teacher, I translated your tutorial "First steps with p5.js". You can find the translation here:
Thanks so much for sharing!

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