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Allison Parrish

wait this technique is even better if you start the random walks from the same word

a little poem in which the first word of each line is from a semantic space random walk, and the second is from a phonetic space random walk

I asked for a random walk through a word embedding space starting with a random word and I got a transcript from a tailgate party?

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little experiment with animating this (reeeeally need to start doing all of this in webgl so I can get decent framerates)

(has some random rotation on the points of the letterforms themselves and on where each segment is drawn beneath the previous)

stringing together middle segments of letterforms based on similarity at the top and bottom of the segments

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continuing this experiment: trying to match top halves to bottom halves based on how similar the points are through their horizontal center line (also fixed the rotation here to increments of π/8 radians)

Tootdon glitched out and started displaying the same image for a bunch of unrelated posts and it took me a second to realize this wasn’t some new meme I didn’t get

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today: speculative letterforms made from stitching together top/bottom halves of randomly rotated letters (I have more ambitious ideas for this, just trying to do some foundation work today)

it's hard to believe that this paper, among the first to suggest using GPUs to speed up machine learning, is less than a decade old

Good to know: Raspberry Pi is not vulnerable to Meltdown/Spectre because they use processors that don't do speculation.

Also a nice, clear explanation of how the vulnerabilities work.

again building off the same code, a matrix showing all possible halfway-interpolations between points in the letters (i.e., top row is (A+A)/2, (A+B)/2, (A+C)/2, etc.) (matrix is not symmetric because letters have different numbers of points)