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taken purely on an ethological level this is an extraordinarily fascinating video

til that the whole bee waggle dance language thing is less important to bees' ability to forage for food than I had been led to believe, if it's actually factual at all

hey look, it's my least favorite genre of video game review: This Game Is For Girls But I, A Man, Strangely Found It Enjoyable, Contrary To Reasonable Expectations

...ignoring the existing fan base for these games who might want to read a review that includes information about, say, how it's different from its predecessors, what new features were added, etc. and not just another "sometimes there's good games that aren't marketed directly at my face, who'd a thunk it"

here's a thing that is annoying to me: when a company takes *any* sign of engagement with their site as an invitation to re-add me to all of their spam that I unsubscribed from the *last* time I used their site (most recently: getting a promotional e-mail with like a t-shirt to buy or something from atlassian because I logged into my bitbucket account for the first time in a few months)

all of the ways that we consciously and unconsciously nudge each other's bodies and behaviors in order to create the reality that we already believed to be "natural"

interpreting this to mean that the cerebellum is actually the most "sacred" part of the brain, being the site of habitual learned gestures that gain the appearance of having arisen spontaneously, therefore appearing to be expressions of our "primal" selves? or something

is libreoffice like... actually okay to use? especially the spreadsheet program and the presentation software—I'm starting to get very disenchanted with apple's office suite. I only ask because I had a bad experience when I tried to use openoffice in like 2000 on my slackware 486 and apparently I hold really long grudges

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I'm reading Sofia Samatar's short story collection and just read this one on the subway and was left completely stunned by it and breathless, the way it swerves and swerves. so good jeez

here's the collection

her novels are also amazing, I think the only two fantasy novels released in the past decade that I've really loved and deeply connected with

from Mary K. Greer's Tarot Blog: What happened to the Visconti Devil Cards? "[W]hen a lady wanted to satisfy a sinful lust or coerce an unresponsive gentleman, she knew it was inappropriate to appeal to Heaven and so she would make her appeal to the Devil.... It appears it may have been a requirement of this magic rite that the Devil card had to be stolen."

take a moment of your day to appreciate the 1995 cyberwedding of the terwillegars

@aparrish hmmm.

Just going to leave this here:

I had it kind of semigluteally integrated with twittering-mode at one point. It was... better than nothing, sometimes surprisingly useful, but at other times it would be baffled by typefaces or JPEG compression artifacts.

I never got around to making it archive the source of the image(s) or the actual image files, nor adding auto searching for primary sources; the latter would fall quickly afoul of the OCR inaccuracy.


the tool I want: OCR for my phone that is specifically tuned to work on screen captures and photographs of screens of text and that does its best to identify and provide a hyperlink to the source of the text while using the transcription to suggest semantic relationships with text you've already scanned (so basically, like, a memex for your phone)

I wonder how difficult it would be to implement a unicode-compliant text renderer from scratch, along with a complete unicode typeface. and how difficult it would be to support continuing development of the renderer and typeface to keep up with changes to the standard

(thinking about unicode as a standard and process as a system of linguistic control)

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