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today in office hours I demonstrated for a student how to modify a binary file in python and ended up with this lovely glitched frisée jpeg. (I don't remember why I had a jpeg of frisée on my desktop)

*are a kind. I know I keep saying this but I really need to start proofreading before I post these things. something about the length and shape of toots in the edit window makes proofreading them seem like a chore though I think

"no copyright intended" is definitely a kind of contemporary textual amulet, urging ContentID to pass over this house

happened across this (again following refs from Skemer's _Binding Words_) example of chain-letter-esque language from a 9th century Ireland version of the "Sunday Letter" (not making any claims or arguments with this but it's remarkable how much the language resembles a chain letter)

open source licenses, as texts that advocate for their own propagation ("The above copyright notice and this permission notice shall be included in all copies or substantial portions of the Software"), is a kind of chain letter and maybe by extension could be considered a kind of himmelsbrief, a "letter from heaven," granting protection to those who possess them (and, per the upthread link, "divine punishment for disbelief of their claims")

ok well here's an extraordinarily detailed old school web page about the history of chain letters

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@aparrish you can only add someone you already follow, so no notifications. lists are totally private, only for yourself

uhhhhhh is there a guide on how to use lists on mastodon (in particular the web app)? it took me like ten minutes of poking around to figure out how to even make one (there isn't just an option on a user profile to "add to list," you have to go through the "getting started" tab thing). mostly I just want to know (a) if my lists and their content are visible to the public and (b) if other users are notified and/or can find out that I added them to a list

I love that the transliteration of this 3rd century CE amulet looks like mojibake (actually I'm not entirely sure it isn't mojibake) (via

reading a book on textual amulets in the middle ages and there's a reference to a MS that directs practitioners to write a particular amulet "with the left hand" and that's such an interesting connection with 19th–20th century automatic writing practices and theories about brain hemispheres (left hand as being more connected to the mystical/non-logical right brain). but i can't find any other refs to similar instructions in the academic literature and now i wish i had a classics degree or smthg

in 2021 the speed of meme-meta overtakes the rate of meme creation itself; image macros arrive in the browser already self-referential, appearing as cryptic jpeg artifacts zooming in on themselves like a mandelbrot set visualization, embedded captions describing the very pixels that they are formed from

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