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Hey hi guess what: @desires_exe is now on Mastodon. More bot-ports to come soon!

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a science fiction story in which an anthropologist studies an alien civilization whose only extant artifact is a database dump of their word vectors

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i'm here to chew bubblegum and bounce off balloons. and chewing bubblegum is not a mechanic in this game

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hi, I reworked my old Twine tutorial for Twine 2.x I tried to make it super friendly (but not condescending). it shows basic usage (making passages and links, exporting to HTML) plus a small useful subset of SugarCube macros. (it probably needs a copyedit pass but I needed to put it online as-is for class today.) enjoy!

"Later that year, [Ted] Nelson got permission from the publishers of Vladimir Nabokov's _Pale Fire_ to use the elaborately annotated parody in a hypertext demonstration. The idea, like most of Nelson's contributions, was rejected by the sponsors of the Brown experiment." that would have been pretty rad though

fun tool for visualizing networks created by "See Also" links in Wikipedia pages I made this one from "Hypertext":

@aparrish There's an entire chapter dedicated to this subject in Belinda Barnet's book "Memory Machines: The Evolution of Hypertext". It needs to be better known, she's done an excellent work and I always recommend it to anyone with an interest in these matters.

This is Belinda on Twitter:

This is the book:

interesting demo of early hypertext system FRESS, the "file retrieval and editing system," being used in a (humanities, not creative writing) poetry class in the mid-1970s

(more here which mentions that the system "used a light pen [which] could be 'clicked' using a foot-pedal" and this is totally off topic but I kinda wish that computer evolution had worked out such that foot pedals were as common an input device as, like, keyboards and mice)

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gallery of named graphs

I feel for all of the hard-working nameless graphs trying to make their way in the dog-eat-dog celebrity-obsessed world of graph theory

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