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sup gang

im carter !
i like red vs blue, vocaloid, weird anime and
video games and u can find me posting
cryptic nonsense at 5 am 👌

no byf, we die like men, also im lonely please mutual me


no callout posts if u dont like someone then u go to their house and kill them

what, tumblr users say they hate mastodon?!!!!!

jjba kinnies get your stands
grinch fuckers grab your grocks

@forestwitch He's my sisters cat but I will die for him. His name is Otto.

getting my ass pumped by kermit tonight lads

i'd like to run for president

reasons to vote for me:
-i'm sasuke
-i'm a lesbian
-gay rights
-bong juice
-hatsune miku
-sasuke rights
-i'm literally sasuke

might fuck around eat eat some polly pocket accessories

oh my god some yall are for real about this kin shit

what buttons do i press on this flesh suit to immediately disconnect it? asking for a friend

the trick to success on this site is never shut up and NEVER say anything worthwhile

opening the local tl is like running onto a highway of thousands of party buses

can you imagine not having to see kpop on your tl?

this toot was made by the anti kpop gang

we all pretend mastodon is a friendly website but i would not hesitate to kill my mutuals if offered . like. 200 bucks

this site is just another opportunity for me to misunderstand and fail at human interaction but ive always been told to take whatever opportunities i get

ah so your shidding? youre shidding and posting? shidposting?

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