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You Would Not Believe Your Boots,
If Ten Million Kinnie Toots

supporting artists is free, easy, and fun and yall should do it

kin this. kin that. kin cowboy. kin hat. my ass. too fat. been there. done that.

filling the bong with water from the chernobyl catfish pond tonight lads

when are we gonna have our first callout posts are we gonna get republican mastodon kinnies

@lofikenku drinking the bong water from the chernobyl catfish pond tonight lads

Okay but Mastodon doesn't get enough love for having no ads. I stan

if youre retooting me follow me or youre not invited to my birthday party and my mom said we're gonna have soda so youre really missing out

imagine a callout post for mastodon drama where the words "abusive" and "boosted my toots" are in the same sentence

having local timeline open in public is like russian roulette but every chamber has a bullet

*me deleting a toot that got no interactions within the first 3 minutes* i guess y'all just ain't ready for that one yet

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