@nolan Also you can use GNOME Web (a.k.a. Epiphany) and just use “Install Site as Web Application…” from the menu. Works like a charm, and the app does not even need to be a PWA, nor be sanctioned by any big company to be turned into a self-contained application, with its own page cache, browser history, cookie jar, local storage, and so on :blobaww:

@nolan you're welcome! I have like a dozen webapps here using Epiphany, instead of using Electron versions if many things I just roll with that to cut on memory usage because all instances use the same WebKitGTK+ shared library. 🤞

@aperezdc I assume all of these Chrome PWAs share the same library? But yep, point taken on Electron. :)

@nolan Of course the PWAs would share libraries. The point was indeed bore about Electron, where each application usually includes its own copy of it.

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