The last days I have gotten back to work on my patch set to revamp the Web ad blocker:

After rebasing and adapting to the new public API (available since WebKit 2.24), I added the periodic update check, direct loading of local ruleset files, support in the profile migration tool, and changed the default to switch from EasyList in the ABP to the WebKit native JSON ruleset format.

Only one item left to go: making sure filters are enabled before loading web pages.

FWIW, it clearly looks to me now that the whole feature will be completed on time for GNOME 3.34, and that makes me very happy.

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Will this allow to use @aral 's Better blocking rules in GNOME Web?

@KekunPlazas @aral Of course. The default will still be EasyList, but customizing the filter set URLs to point to Better's (or any other, or multiple ones) will be possible. It is already possible with the current status of the MR, as a natter of fact :blobcat:

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