This summer I plan to use the solar panels in the cottage more efficiently, so I got one of those generic cheap boards based on a LTC1871: this way I can pick the 12V line directly and boost it to the 19V needed by my laptop, which should be more efficient than using an inverter to 220V to feed the laptop's AC adapter.

Today I did some testing at home after triple checking all the wiring, with an AC to 9V DC adaptor as input, and at least I managed to not fry the laptop. Good news, I guess 🌚

The thing barely managed to keep the laptop on, but wasn't enough to also charge the laptop battery, probably because of the crappy test input, which is rated as maximum 1A. The solar installation should allow for a tad more and I expect things to work fine. We'll see in a few weeks on-site. Sure it's going to be odd packing some of the tools from my electronics box for midsummer :blobpeek:

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As expected, the DC boost converter works much better with the solar panel installation at the cottage. In the middle of the day it even manages to charge the battery.

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