Holiday geekery: giving another try after many years, using — I feel like last time (20+ years ago) my brain wasn't ready for it, and many things which were seemingly bizarre back then are clicking into place right now. Surely all these years of exposition to Linux, which has “stolen” some of Plan 9's features in the last decade (namespaces, I am looking at you!) have helped.

For now I'm using in qemu because I quite don't dare to go for a real install on my work laptop. I might figure out some old laptop or a Raspberry Pi later on. Though I was planning on using the RPi to try out RiscOS... :thaenkin:


Unsurprisingly, my website is at least readable in Mothra, a very bare bones (and nineties!) web browser included in . When what you have is well structured semantic HTML almost any user agent can do a decent job with it.

Ouch, I forgot to caption the image. It should have gone like this: screen capture of a Plan 9 desktop, a window shows Mothra with the website loaded; CSS styling information is missing, but text content is displayed just fine.

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