Somehow I managed to have boot from a thumb drive on my laptop by enabling some USB compatibility mumbo-jumbo in the UEFI firmware setup menus. Yay!

OTOH the wireless chip (Intel, quite recent) is unsupported, so I either adapt somehow “etheriwn.c” or lay some Ethernet cable—the wired interface seems to be usable, at least.

Of course I checked that firmware is installed. Didn't help. The “etheriwn” driver seems to support wireless chips which use OpenBSD's “iwn” firmware package, but this one needs the “iwm” one... maybe a new “etheriwm” driver for the kernel would be needed instead after all :thaenkin:

Note that I am *not* considering writing one myself at the moment. But I don't completely discard the idea: I took a look at “etheriwn.c” and the code there looks a couple of orders of magnitude less scary than the Linux driver. Also of says it's based on the OpenBSD one, so it might be interesting to take a look there at some point.


Oh, and I did a quick test and boy isn't it refreshing that the kernel takes just a couple of minutes to build. Under qemu, on a slow disk. Yay for quick edit-compile-test cycles!

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