I don’t use Chrome and hate Google’s near-monopoly over the direction of the modern web.

That said… I got a tiny PR merged into Nativefier that enables builds on arm64, e.g. Pinebook Pro. github.com/jiahaog/nativefier/

Nativefier uses the open source Electron and Chromium code to wrap up a site into a “native” binary. So for anyone missing those proprietary Electron apps (Slack, Discord) that run like crap in other browsers but weren’t build for arm64, you can now make your own version!

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@cassidyjames is there any reason to not use Epiphany's (GNOME Web) “Save as application” feature instead? (Other than WebKitGTK not supporting some Web platform feature, that is.)

@aperezdc @cassidyjames you can't export desktop files from inside the sandbox, a portal is needed. Same issue for steam


@bilelmoussaoui @cassidyjames but of you want to run as Flatpak, you would have the same issue with Nativefier, or Chromium trying to add .desktop files when they are running inside a sandbox... having a portal for allowing applications to add launchers is something we should be eventually looking into.

@aperezdc @bilelmoussaoui the idea of nativefier is to speed up the process of making an Electron app; it's not really intended to be used inside a Flatpak by end users.

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