It's release day, which means the first thing to change is adding the upcoming stable versions in the compatibility chart →

Now writing the release notes for WPE WebKit while a full build progresses slowly—gotta do 'em dist-checks, we don't want tarballs to end up in a non-buildable state! :blobsweats:

There go the release notes. Now some quick testing before generating the final tarball, uploading it, and doing release announcements.

Anything that has to do with a non-incremental WebKit build takes always at least ~15 minutes, even with a beefy build machine 🕰️

Time for a coffee break. The last distcheck build before uploading the WPE WebKit tarball is in the 56% done mark. BRB.

The 2.30.0 release tarball contains ~19K files, weighs 195MiB uncompressed, and XZ is so amazing that it manages to bring it down to “only” 20MiB. That's one tenth of the original size 😱

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