Today I was forced to try the online Office 365 for the first time, and oh boy, it's as clunky, slow, and bloated as I have always imagined it would be. Not to mention that unles you have a rich person's monitor it will basically eat away 30% of your screen vertical space (browser title and tool bars + Office top bar + oversized tools ribbon + status bar).

Office 97/98 was peak productivity: everyday tools visible in *customizable* tool bars, menus for better discoverability, max content space.

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And by the way, O365 is plain slow, no matter which browser I tried it with. Amusingly, it feels snappier using GNOME Web (which uses ) and is definitely unintended because one would expect Microsoft develops targeting Edge/Chromium nowadays. Or maybe their frontend developers are Mac users :thinkerguns:

Before anybody comments: yes, my laptop is decent. I work on WebKit with it... yet O365 still feels sluggish.

Can we stop pretending that webapps are always better than native?

@aperezdc Actually, webapps can be pretty fast. Take a look at, it is still a webapp, but it is not slow.

@trokhymchuk sure, I'm not saying all webapps are slow. Most are, unfortunately.

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