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you know the screws they put the scratchplate of a guitar on using? why dont anyone like, yknow, paint them the same color as the scratchplate. so you dont have to see them

@jk really into the syntax of the first sentence here,

@envgen for some reason when im using masto now it lags like FUCK, like, 1 letter appears every 3 seconds, so i just kinda mash at the keyboard and if something doesnt make sense?? fuck me im not correcting that

@jk i was having this issue earlier, until i realised it was trying to play all of my clock videos at once

@envgen this is probably what has happened to me. maybe ive got masto permanently stuck in Clock Mode

@Gargron @jk clucker-clock hybrids. cluckers with clocks for heads. instead of clucking they tick. look at my tockers

Adrián Pérez @aperezdc

@envgen @Gargron @jk: Cluck Norris mode? Also know as: you won't snooze, or Cluck will come get ya!