Sunday reading for today's morning coffee: The Death and Life of Great American Cities, by Jane Jacobs. This is a great book that tries to explain city population dynamics and how it relates to city planning, from an observational point of view. This is, of course, more scientific and realistic than what “idealized common knowledge” about planning.

While the book was written in the sixties with a focus on the US, it is still very valid everywhere.

The camera I bought second hand just arrived today, and I couldn't be happier: practically it is in mint condition, without a single scratch, it came very well packaged, and the previous owner even threw in a round-the-neck strap which fits the camera.

Of course I gave them an excellent review and sent a personal “thank you” email to spread the . The seller replied immediately with a “Great to know it arrived well, I hope you have a lot of fun with the camera”, which just made my day.

The other day while randomly walking in the neighborhood I randomly spotted a in a small office where people usually just work with their laptops. Cool.

The battery inside the Polaroid series 600 cartridges actually has two 3.1V cells, wired in series. I do wonder why the diodes are needed between the two connectors of each cell 🤔. Ideas?

Well, I pried one of the cartridges open: officially they are rated 6V, 750mAh. Quite workable, I'd say. Once out of the cartridge, the batteries are remarkably flat, somewhere between 2 and 3mm thick.

Well, it turns out that the from cartridges provide a steady 6.2V — there's many around the house because it felt wrong to just throw them away knowing there's a battery inside. Surely I can turn these old guys into a flat, small package that supplies 5V for DYI stuff. I wonder how long they can power a small ATTiny85. They need to charge the flash for the cameras, so they might still pack a good punch in them 🤔

TFW writing unit tests is actually harder than making a patch for a piece of software.

Some of the typography in the Brussels public transport signage is just gorgeous. In particular, keep an eye for older signs, like the ones naming the Central railway station with its grotesk/nouveau style and the cute tiny angle brackets :blobaww:

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Went out for a winter walk. The light on clear days is awesome and outdoors always super picturesque whenever there's loads of

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Every time I see a toot by @mntmn this pops in my head. My head keeps reading TNMT instead :blobpeek:

Quite frosty today when on my way to take the train to the airport, with a little bit of snow. Neat.

Today I'll be flying to the Düsseldorf area for work, the picture should give you a more precise idea where 😋

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