Fedi needs more love. Did you know that it's even possible to play on Android? Some of the interactions are not so polished with a touchscreen, but it's a very solid port nevertheless. And there is always the option of using a Bluetooth or USB mouse (with an OTG cable) if you would prefer that.


Here's almost the same thing sans the main content area, I realized I won't need layout for that: it uses all the window space not taken by the top bar.

This time I tried github.com/xamarin/flex which literally implements the CSS Flexbox module and the layout setup code was also ~30 LOC. More pros: it's shipping in Xamarin.Forms (translated into C#), has tests…

Now, how much would it take to graft some input handling and proper element styling (label, button, etc.) to have something usable?

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While going through yet another immediate mode user interface library I got a bit tickled because all of them use row-based layout, and are not particularly handy for interfaces which should adapt to window sizes.

Then the word “flexbox” came out from the back of my mind, and a quick search later I tried github.com/randrew/layout which took only ~30 LOC to get this.

Granted, this does not handle events nor rendering, but it was an interesting experiment. Turns out I prefer the flexbox model.

Blasting out some tunes the way the demoscene overlords intended it.

Playing a bit with immediate mode UI libraries. This may end up going somewhere, after managing to make Nuklear use Cairo+Pango for the actual rendering.

My partner's family traditionally gathers during Easter to paint eggs, just for the fun of it, using the holiday as an excuse to goof around a bit. Today we painted one of the faces from the Arnolfini Portrait, by Van Eyck (or tried, at least)... you know, the one who looks like Putin 🤣

Breakfast food 

Things to do on a Sunday morning: waffles.

(Ab)Using (via “zig cc”) to cross-compile static binaries of a small C program for a bunch of architectures I don't have access to is nothing but a joy.

Bread, Baking 

Time for 🍞 🥖

My starter is back in business after being stored as dry chips for a month and a half. It took only a couples of days to get it back to full strength. This method is excellent for long term storage and I very much plan to use it again.

breadposting, happy face 

Today's bread is as happy as ヅ

breadposting, picture 

*slaps sourdough pecan nut bread out of the oven tin*

“Look at dis chonky boi!”

That is 37 lines and it's not enough to show the whole code for two table rows in DocBook XML. *sigh*.

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covid news, dog 

Dat good boi face.

(But more than that, the caption in the photography of this news piece. Somehow I cannot stop giggling at it.)

Released Signify portable v30, includes one tiny fix for a Clang 10 warning, but it's the first release to be signed with Signify itself:


selfish, eye contact 

TFW one cannot find an umbrella at home during the rainy season and the best next thing is picking a hat 🤠

I may do less lately, but I'm still doing at least one sourdough sandwich bread loaf a week. Here is today's loaf proofing.

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