Remember some weeks ago I found my old N710 and it still worked fine (modulo old browser and so)? Well, yesterday I took out the N900 and was greeted by... A system update!

Here's a couple of HTML5 websites which degrade decently in the browser included with the . That is after some poking around to make it accept TLS certificates issued by Let's Encrypt, which of course didn't exist back then.

While searching old boxes for something completely unrelated, I've dogged out my old Nokia . Which still amazingly works decently.

Most of the things installed still worked, except Skype (the included client is pre-Microsoft acquisition), and it was amusing to load contemporary websites in a browser that predates HTML5. Those which use the markup in a more or less semantic way are rendered well enough, though.

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I love it how the cover of @jk's album blends super nicely with the music player notification and the rest of the notifications drawer 🙃

Finished polishing the reader mode styling for @gnome Web browser, now the settings are applied immediately and there has been some small visual tweaks. The merge request is now ready →

Another great thing is discovering partly hidden places where not many tourists get to go.

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This is what the holiday looked like. Gotta love the Greek islands.

Updated the GNOME Web reader mode styling MR with a commit adding the settings to the Preferences dialog 👌

Remaining: applying the settings to the reader mode views immediately, and using a modular scale for sizing elements.

Today I spent some time polishing the styling improvements for GNOME Web's reader mode. For those brave to try it, there is a WIP merge request here: — Just add “.patch” at the end, save it, and apply it to a local checkout of the code with “git am”.

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Having some “me time” on a chillaxing Saturday. Lately I'm trying to read mostly books written by women to counter the existing gender bias in literature. There are more successful men writers than women, and among male readers is overwhelmingly uncommon to read the works of female authors. I know it's not much, but being careful choosing the books I buy is my itsy bitsy contribution towards equality in literature.

Today I did a side sprite of my wizard character with of which I'm relatively proud. Next up: animated side walking loop.

Also, I revisited some bits of the front-facing animation and figured out a way of making the back of the cape/coat visible thanks to my SO (who is into clothing and fashion), so I'll be updating that animation at some point, too.

It still feels like baby steps, but is nice to be able to show results 💪

So, I took my wizard mugshot, made a 16x32 front-faced sprite, and then went head and made my first ever — Still a long way to go and learn how to make the best use possible to but it already feels like I am already learning new things. Probably next I'll try making a side-facing walking loop for the same character.

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