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Having some “me time” on a chillaxing Saturday. Lately I'm trying to read mostly books written by women to counter the existing gender bias in literature. There are more successful men writers than women, and among male readers is overwhelmingly uncommon to read the works of female authors. I know it's not much, but being careful choosing the books I buy is my itsy bitsy contribution towards equality in literature.

When your garb suggests places to visit

Today I did a side sprite of my wizard character with of which I'm relatively proud. Next up: animated side walking loop.

Also, I revisited some bits of the front-facing animation and figured out a way of making the back of the cape/coat visible thanks to my SO (who is into clothing and fashion), so I'll be updating that animation at some point, too.

It still feels like baby steps, but is nice to be able to show results 💪

So, I took my wizard mugshot, made a 16x32 front-faced sprite, and then went head and made my first ever — Still a long way to go and learn how to make the best use possible to but it already feels like I am already learning new things. Probably next I'll try making a side-facing walking loop for the same character.

Here's a 32x32px sprite with the face of a wizard which I just made with for the sake of relaxing a few minutes:

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On a completely different note, I am starting to learn to make with focusing on very low-resolution images. The idea is to have technical limitations like the developers and graphics artists had in the times of 8-bit games.

This is a small text-in-a-plate which could have been a company logo for a game. Well, technically it has more than 4 colours, but you get the idea 😜

Please bear with me while I 🙏

Well.. There is HiDPI support indeed in 1.20, but it's a bit hit and miss: many of the applets in the panel come with their host of glitches, and the window-manager decorations remain conspicuously unscaled. The systray in particular jitters in-place by itself and has good chances of producing seizures.

IT'S HAPPENING.Me and my partner found a venue with seats available for

Even if not liking bagpipes or folk music, one has to admit that piping a haggis into the table and reciting a poem to it before being dramatically stabbed with a knife is pretty badass.

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