@federicomena @garrett I'm still on distro packages because Arch Linux picks up the new releases relatively quick. On Debian or derivatives I would probably reach for the Flatpak.

@fribbledom scarcity of ports is not only due to USB-C, I know, but it helped. Also it's amusing how hardware manufacturers will blame ports for being too big, when in reality they blame is on their lazy design teams and/or fashion. If Sony crammed a full Ethernet port (and VGA!) in their Vaio X years ago, anybody should be able to fit half a dozen USB-C ports, Ethernet, and audio jacks.

@fribbledom Single charger does sound nice, and currently I only carry one for the laptop, and charge the rest of my USB things using one of the ports from the laptop, which is very convenient given that everything I have has micro-USB.

I kind of hate that the coming of USB-C also has reduced the number of ports which can be effectively used in laptops: usually there's two, one of which will be used for powering the computer. Currently I have three USB ports I can use independently.

@tyil @fribbledom getting a USB connected wrong never happened to people I know, but that can be considered circumstantial evidence. I can definitely appreciate how USB-C is much nicer from a mechanical point of view 😌

@fribbledom ...which in my mind is one more reason to keep a good old micro-USB for power, as it won't (supposedly) be used for anything else 🤔

Moving to USB-C seems like gratuitously making everybody change their AC adapters “just because”.

@fribbledom The PCI-on-a-connector is ThunderBolt, basically. And it's terrible from a security standpoint. Imagine any “cheapo” evil mouse or flash drive being malicious and having access to the PCI bus... Definitely a security nightmare scenario!

@fribbledom Well, I do have most of my devices with pre USB-C connectors, but that is a deliberate choice to avoid USB-C. There was absolutely no reason to change connectors for USB, and the way -C is designed it allows ports to have different capabilities (for example ThunderBolt being optional, or charging), some combos of cables and ports can fry devices (granted, it's not very likely), and I would rather not have PCI lanes wired to a general purpose connector that any random device may use.

@garrett @federicomena Sony has a slightly faster autofocus compared to Fuji, specially in tracking modes, and that may come in handy for sports and other fast-paced situations. Personally I find the speed of my X100F just fine 99% of the time.

@garrett @federicomena I also wanted a mirrorless full-frame camera and ended up settling on a Fuji X100F and couldn't be happier. This model works well for me because it is quite compact and I rarely change lenses or use zoom. A friend has the X-T2 and it's also a lovely machine.

The RAW-to-JPEG engine in the X series is just great and most of the time the JPEGs straight out of the camera work for me, which saves me from spending a lot of time postprocessing RAWs.

@mntmn Probably you may want to know that the Debian packages for the WPE WebKit components are starting to materialize! See for example ftp-master.debian.org/new/libw

@cassidyjames Ah yes, I was definitely thinking of the round Pebble, which I should have mentioned :thonking:

What I like the most of my Pebble is how notifications work, the support for canned responses, and having calendar appointments in the timeline. The latter is quite unique. I also dig the e-Paper display, though I reckon it may not be everybody's cup of tea

@cassidyjames Pebble has been so far the closest to “passing the funeral test” for smartwatches, the rest IMO are too gaudy or distracting to be worn at one. The lack of maintenance of the applications sucks, but luckily I moved over to Gadgetbridge a while ago, which works pretty well: gadgetbridge.org/ — maybe you want to give it a try.

Your friendly reminder that slack once had an IRC bridge and they tore it down. The reason was that they could not afford to maintain it. If so, why didn't they opensource it for the community to maintain? Now we have split communities and one more walled garden. And a growing generation that thinks a centralized system owned by a single company is normal. Thanks, slack.

@thomasfuchs 100% agreed. I would also add: Find out which peripherals reduce your pain (e.g. wrists, shoulders) and get quality ergonomic devices. Also: consider less common options like trackballs and matte finish for the screen. We only have one body to take care of!

gmail rejects some random subset of email from servers that don't have IPv6 reverse dns set..

so if your hosting provider happens to enable ipv6 autoconfig one happy day, everything breaks with no warning

#google #morons

Everything in this talk about package management could also apply to social media:

- You have no way to hold Jack Dorsey or Mark Zuckerberg accountable.
- The real owners do not care whether it is pork bellies or our commons; the goal is to make money from it
- We have ceded our commons to a private entity.
- We decided this was okay. We voted with our feet.

@ceejbot's JSConf EU talk on the economics of package management is online now, and I want to keep talking about how awesome it is.

Talk: youtu.be/MO8hZlgK5zc
Essay: github.com/ceejbot/economics-o

freieFarbe is a nonprofit working on free color standards, references and tools based on CIELAB. even their color atlasses are CC licenced! #lgm19 #lgm2019 #lgm @lgm

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