Hey! #Outreachy applications for the next December-March round are now open! outreachy.org 🎉

They offer three month internships with free and open source projects — #FOSS. Interns are paid a 5,500 USD stipend and have access to a 500 USD travel allowance.

I can't recommend this program enough. It's such a rich and welcoming experience, in addition to being a great way to start working in tech.

Start your application today!

I got this banana phone as a joke but it turns out it's the best Bluetooth headset I've ever used.

Help, I'm managing an international consulting firm via banana.

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Release day for WebKit 2.22.0 is coming and my “do a full cross-compile to test things out” needed a serious update of its Buildroot recipes. That's done and well, but now I'm stuck with the usual build issues derived from ANGLE assuming that Xlib headers are available. We fixed that in WebKit itself long ago (WPE does not need X11), but every time the copy of ANGLE bundled in WebKit is updated this kind of crap reappears even after submitting patches upstream. Usual Google project crap.

@federicomena And they get even better when disk space is tight and repositories are HUGE, because of the shared, deduplicated “.git/” subdirectory. It was a moment of awe when suddenly my different trees of the WebKit repository could fit a SSD! :blobaww:

Finally finished that book yesterday (due to being ill, at home).
Quite an exhausting read, with very little hope to be found anywhere. Packs a lot of stories about climate change, civial wars, agitation, displacement, detainment, rogue technology, suicide attacks, all placed in a failed USA that's being played by outside powers.
Not too hard to see which parts of our recent reality are being mirrored.
Not sure I can recommend, had to build some distance to be able to go on reading.

Somehow I can't stomach continuing to read Omar El Akkad's "American War" tonight (it's a scifi story where the US has plunged into a civil war over the decision to forbid petrol-powered engines).

@federicomena I would rather have a basic B&W laser printer than the most amazing inkjet. Even the crappiest laser printer from 20 years ago will consistently do a better job for most documents, and specially when there's text involved — just take a look at the sharpness of letter edges. For the few times in life that one actually needs to get something colourful on paper it's much better to make a PDF and take it to a print shop in a small USB drive. Also: print shops have color laser printers.

Only 9 VMs away from 💯!!
I doubt we will make this before the #EuroBSDCon18.


This has just gone in my (Neo)Vim configuration file:

iabbrev :shrug: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

So. Convenient.

@OpenBSDAms Got it! Thanks a ton, all working 👌

It will be nice not needing to poke you if I screw up something again. I'll refrain from trying to compile such huge packages as Rust, — I hope nobody else noticed, and hopefully it was just my VM hitting swap and being super sluggish.

@OpenBSDAms Ouch, sorry about inconveniencing you on a Sunday — there's not hurries! I am just worried that my trying to build Rust might be disturbing the service for others as well. Probably it would be better to build it locally in one of my old computer (which I could perfectly install OpenBSD on, instead of the GNU/Linux it has at the moment) to do experiments with Rust, or wait for 6.4, which very likely will have a newer Rust package.

@OpenBSDAms My instance has stopped replying: the SSH was dropped, and it won't reply ping requests (neither IPv4 nor v6 seem to work). Is there any known outage going on?

I was trying to compile a recent version of Rust, hopefully I didn't jam the server somehow or hit some issue in vmm/vmd 🤔

RT @toorsdenote@twitter.com: The classroom I'm volunteering in still has technology textbooks from the 1980s in it. Is this not the most glorious stock photo of all time?

🐦🔗: twitter.com/toorsdenote/status

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If you have some time this weekend and know #arabic, #russian, #japanese, #italian, #polish or #portugese, please consider translating a few sentences of #PeerTube !

- arabic: 4% translated
- russian: 50% translated
- japanese: 24% translated
- italian: 3% translated
- polish: 58% translated
- portugese: 0% translated

If you have never joined the effort, here is how to get started: github.com/Chocobozzz/PeerTube

boosts appreciated :blobcat:

@federicomena Oh, how silly of me! That's definitely a perfect way of plugging in something already today. Thanks a ton for the suggestion 😺

Something I miss in is a “G_DEBUG=backtrace-warnings” which, if available, uses glibc's backtrace(3) and backtrace_symbols(3) and prints out the result. This would save plenty of time when doing development, specially on embedded targets where a debugger might not be immediately available or core dumps may be disabled altogether :thaenkin:

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