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It's release day, which means the first thing to change is adding the upcoming stable versions in the compatibility chart →

Maybe I should write a small post announcing that 2.30.x will be the last series with NPAPI plugin support and that out plan for sunsetting it is going forward: 2.32.x won't have it at all.

The timing was chosen because the upcoming stable releases are due this September (soon!), and the other web engines are also killing NPAPI this year, then the next stable series will be out by March next year when none of the main web browsers will have support anymore.

Why is it that the "frightening AI" news stories these days seem to be about AI that's frighteningly bad, rather than AI that's frighteningly good?

libhandy 1.0.0 released. 🎉

We released it a bit in advance to let application maintainers update their submodules in time for the GNOME 3.38.0 release. 😀 That being said, we expect distros to ship libhandy as any other regular stable library. 😉

Today I found out that the author of libxmp (a music module playback libary) has a repository with effects from the legendary Second Reality demo ported to C + GLES 🤯️

The day before yesterday I did a combo release with release candidates of all the official components:

- libwpe 1.7.90
- wpebackend-fdo 1.7.90
- wpewebkit 1.7.91
- cog 0.7.90

Go grab them while they are fresh from and if you find any issues while trying them, please file bugs!

Inconveniently, the digital watch chip wasn't designed for computer control: it generated 7-segment signals to drive an LED, and it was set through three buttons. To read the time, the Nanoprocessor had to convert the 7-segment display outputs back into digits. And to set the time, the Nanoprocessor had to simulate the right sequence of button presses to advance through the digits.

Classic hardware engineer solution, just add another chip and fix it in software.

TFW one accidentally marks all the items as read in the feed reader.

@florian is asking for data from unwind users on #openbsd by using pf rules to check how many times unwind hits the root zones :flan_thumbs:

It's really easy to enable it.

It looks to me as if @sir could have written the USENIX’92 paper “ Considered Harmful” →

A quote that I can totally relate to: “As others have noted in the past [ODel87a, Spen88a] in other contexts, one paradoxical problem of UNIX ’s not-too-complex system interfaces is that that they have discouraged the development of libraries with cleaner, higher-level interfaces.“

The construction of the pyramids in Giza begins. Simultaneously, you decide to save $10,000 per day. You do not spend any money.

It is now 2020. There are 69 people who have more money than you.

There we go, static builds for x86_64 added to the release. Done and tested on 6.7, but as they are static binaries, I understand they should work a few versions back—the program does not use any particularly new system calls.

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🎉 VICTORY 🎉 Brazil just became the first Latin American country to pass a data protection law in line with modern regulations!

The Brazilian Data Protection Law will come into effect tomorrow.

This is a huge win for Brazil & beyond.


I just released dmon 0.5.0 today, after two years without a new version:

It's a tiny process monitor that turns programs into daemon, with their output piped to a logger. Programs for logging to single files, sets of automatically rotated files, and syslog are included.

This new version simplifies the internals and makes it easier to build static binaries. With Musl and carefully chosen compiler options all tools built as a single binary take <100KiB on (x86_64).


boost if you're old enough to remember when this was called the address bar 😭

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