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So far I've mostly tooted about technical stuff (hashtag Free Software), but I have the feeling that many people in Mastodon tend to be more personal. As a challenge for myself, I'll try to be more active now that I'll be in for a few months with my partner.

Today: day trip to Edinburgh. Photo from the train: it takes only one hour, and it's amazing how close the mountains are. The highlands must really be over tgetr after all!

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I didn't understand how SharedArrayBuffer could be used to construct a timer; explains it.

One web worker loops forever and increments a counter inside the shared buffer; another worker simply reads the value. This is a high-resolution timer.

Believe it or not I had sort of prepared a neat little tootstorm on OoO and speculative execution when I realised that what is really needed is an analysis on what tradeoffs were chosen as opposed to yet another OoO description.

What seems to be missing from everything I have read are two points:

a) speculative execution and OoO go back a long time (IBM S/360 model 85),
b) they are essential for performance: you simply cannot get “the numbers” otherwise.

Some of you might be old enough to…

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Watching Breakfast at Tiffany's for the N-th time, and wondering how could I had not notice before that there's a portrait of Charles the III of Spain in Paul Varjak's apartment 😱

Charles III of Spain -

I don't do new year resolutions because that way there is no room for lack of follow-through. Plus, achievements always get to be a pleasant surprise, instead of something bound to happen.

Now that @grumpygamer is in Mastodon, there's virtually no reason to still keep a Birbsite account. Also: happy holidays!

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maybe "millennials" will be the last named generation; "boomers" will keep calling everyone younger than them millennials until they all die off and then we can all just stop talking about generations having characteristic beyond what emerge from their material conditions

what is this fabled "good" morning I hear people talk about

The libdrm API is so X11-ish that I can imagine myself being amongst mainframes 100x slower than the phone I'm typing this in...

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