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So far I've mostly tooted about technical stuff (hashtag Free Software), but I have the feeling that many people in Mastodon tend to be more personal. As a challenge for myself, I'll try to be more active now that I'll be in for a few months with my partner.

Today: day trip to Edinburgh. Photo from the train: it takes only one hour, and it's amazing how close the mountains are. The highlands must really be over tgetr after all!

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I didn't understand how SharedArrayBuffer could be used to construct a timer; explains it.

One web worker loops forever and increments a counter inside the shared buffer; another worker simply reads the value. This is a high-resolution timer.

Believe it or not I had sort of prepared a neat little tootstorm on OoO and speculative execution when I realised that what is really needed is an analysis on what tradeoffs were chosen as opposed to yet another OoO description.

What seems to be missing from everything I have read are two points:

a) speculative execution and OoO go back a long time (IBM S/360 model 85),
b) they are essential for performance: you simply cannot get “the numbers” otherwise.

Some of you might be old enough to…

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Watching Breakfast at Tiffany's for the N-th time, and wondering how could I had not notice before that there's a portrait of Charles the III of Spain in Paul Varjak's apartment 😱

Charles III of Spain -

I don't do new year resolutions because that way there is no room for lack of follow-through. Plus, achievements always get to be a pleasant surprise, instead of something bound to happen.

Now that @grumpygamer is in Mastodon, there's virtually no reason to still keep a Birbsite account. Also: happy holidays!

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what is this fabled "good" morning I hear people talk about

The libdrm API is so X11-ish that I can imagine myself being amongst mainframes 100x slower than the phone I'm typing this in...

So these days I stared into the well that the libdrm API is, and it is so deep that I didn't get a stare back.

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