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Community built AXIOM Micro (small image sensor) development prototype will be demoed at Maker Faire Berlin next week.

The idea to create a very affordable developer kit was born at .

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HELP REQ: Do you know of any phone systems where operators are able to log in?

Many thanks.

Received our NeTV2 from Bunnie Studios. Beautiful work! Thanks Bunnie.

NeTV2 is an FPGA-based add-on board for overlaying content on encrypted video signals and encrypting unencrypted video e.g. DVI streams

First pictures of AXIOM-Photon-SDI Plugin Module fully populated.

SDI outputs could be used in a dual 6G configuration for the transmission of 4K60.


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AXIOM Beta Centre-Solder-On Module

Hosts various chips capable of controlling compensation processes via the camera's software.


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AXIOM Beta Single PMOD Plugin Module.

This module features PMOD debug inputs/outputs for connecting a wide range of external PMOD devices.



If you're willing to contribute towards software development you'll be welcomed -

New round of AXIOM Beta Debug Shield photos.

The shield features 2x10 GPIO banks as LED indicators plus two power LEDs. 4 LVDS pairs routed to external connectors JP1/JP2 (2 LVDS plus one GND each).


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HDMI Plugin Module for AXIOM Beta.

This module provides one 1080p60 HDMI output stream via 4 LVDS channels directly from the Zynq on the Microzed.

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New round of AXIOM Beta Main Board photos 01/03.

AXIOM Beta Main Board:

Individual PCBs have evolved and improved a lot over the past two years.

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