My new drag persona is a Portland children's author turned fabulous dame: Beverly Queery

It's kinda weird that Americans are enthusiastic about being graded on a curve, but don't like the idea of being paid on one. I don't think anything has brought me such pure, unadulterated joy as this gogo pseudo-charleston

After years of showing my bare ass to recruiters, LinkedIn finally banned me. Maybe this will get the emails to stop.

Our gay cruise planning now encompasses a group chat, coordinated costumes, a facebook event, and a spreadsheet. This is out of control.

Somehow I forgot that Seven of Nine literally orders Harry Kim to take his clothes off in season 4 and he quite sensibly freaks the fuck out

Set off the TSA gas chromatograph *again* this trip. Just like last time, the second pass was all negative. What the hell?

"Turns out writing a thread scheduler is incredibly fucking hard" [narrator: "this was his fifth time accidentally implementing one"]

Welp the Debian Stretch upgrade introduced some kind of weird ungoogleable SMTP/SASL auth issue in mutt so I guess I'm not a mutt user any more

starting with the fact that there's only one bed in Junkrat & Roadhog's hideout, on Junkertown

this week I want to rehearse and be able to smoothly deliver canon arguments for every Overwatch character being gay so that I can explain to homophobic players that their main is, in fact, queer as hell

Moira is Peter Thiel's drag persona, stealing the blood of young people to extend her own life & pursuing unethical medical research on tropical islands outside IRB jurisidiction.

You can just hear her smugly defending herself when she dies. "Time to update my priors."

I've realized that Moira is basically a LessWrong High School Edgelord but this will not stop me from glamming it up as agender piss mom

lmao just had the repair guys show up to take a look at the roof leaks annnnnnd definitely left 200 ft of rope and a selection of paddles neatly arranged on the living room table

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