Re-reading "Leatherfolk", especially the essays on death, loss, and companionship, reminds me of how rare it is that we--perhaps "mythologize" is the right word--the support that leather families and friends can offer one another. We talk sex, love, belonging, yes. But it's not often that we talk about the support a Sir can lend in dying or in grief.

What idiot called them "group chat subjects of discussion" instead of "friending topics"

Excited to see Scruff introducing a "search by Hogwarts house" filtering option for the millennial market

SomeBODY once told me about a bird that's turnin'
And turnin' in a widening gyre
It was lookin' kinda lost cause it couldn't hear its boss
As it soared ever higher and higher

Well, things fall apart and the centre's not holdin',
Anarchy's loose and there's no controllin',
Innocence drowned in a blood-dimmed tide,
The worst get intense while the best just hide

So much to do, so much to see
Images out of Spiritus Mundi
You've gotta move those slow thighs
Open up your pitiless eyes

Hey now
Lion body
With a man's head
Go play

Hey now
You're a rough beast
Get the show on
Get paid

Your hour's come round once more
Slouching towards Bethlehem to be bo-orn

This kind of play is well outside my range; I never break skin in my S/M. That said, god DAMN Patrick is a hell of an essayist. This piece is some of the most intense, transgressive writing I've ever read on lesbian desire, spirituality, and sex. It's memoir, queer militant manifesto, how-to manual, prayer. Nuanced, dark, and powerful.

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Blood, knives, edge play. 

"Obviously the person who is being carved has to feel an immense amount trust for the hand that cradles the blade. But the cutter must also trust. You are saying to the person you decorate, "I trust your constancy. I trust that you have told me the truth, and that this is something you really want, not just for your life today, but for the person you will be in ten years, twenty, thirty...

That is a lot to ask of anyone, that much loyalty and foreknowledge."

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Blood, knives, edge play. 

"In the realm of magic, blood is the most powerful product of the human body. It is a potent symbol of both life and death, healing and pain. When people bleed, they let things go, but blood is also a binding substance, a pledge as well as purge. Lady Macbeth was right: Once you get somebody's blood on your hands, you can't wash it off again. The person who holds the blade and cuts someone else is also being marked, perhaps even more deeply and permanently..."

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Description of blood, knives, edge play. 

"Think about how steel is made. You start with something that is taken from a secret place deep in the body of our mother. The knife is made from the same clay that forms our flesh... When a piece of metal is poured into a mold, folded over and hammered, or simply honed, it is awakened. It sings, and if you hold a knife up to your ear, you will hear the music in it, a constant high note of warning. I think it is the note at the heart of the world."

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Description of blood, knives, edge play. 

Patrick Califia, "Shiny Sharp Things" (1996).

"I have a rage to be, to know, to do. So I have lots of tools and weapons. I would be hard-pressed to decide what I could part with. But I have to admit, as much as it would hurt me, that I would let someone take away my sewing machine and even my electric drill before I would let somebody take away my Walther PPKS or the thirteen knives that share their souls with me."

Just informed my Sir that "there is no ethical shitposting under heteronormativity", if anyone wondered how many levels of bullshit I'm presently on

In which Bolt encourages the class to think about class topics on an axis from "boring" to "problematic"

Pretty happy with how GVT has been going this past few months! Feels like I'm seeing more chest n quad development ☺️

If you see another non-binary person with an even better haircut than yours, would you say you're feeling... enbious?

Just wanna remind everyone of this Chicago Leather masterpiece

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