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starts actual work -> loads command from history -> tries to control-backspace -> still broken -> oh its a gnome-terminal bug -> oh it was fixed in 2015 -> oh it's in stretch now -> okay let's do this shit -> ???

"I thought I was a republican congressman... Until one of my constituents made a compelling oral argument"

PLEASE tell me Nicki Minaj calls her entourage "The Minajerie"

hello mastodon if you like trip hop and exceedingly delicious snare rolls may I recommend (give it a bit)

I love how Mencius Moldbug's bizarre far-right views occasionally leak into technical documentation

"Gas stations don't require regulation" is such a weird view given gas stations are a famous case study in the history of safety regulation, since they, you know, poisoned their customers and occasionally exploded:

If anyone's having issues with Maven Central SSL certs today, I think something's broken in Fastly; some hosts are OK, others aren't. Try using

@paintron6000 @ieure it feels Very Portland Game Culture to me, but also in a weird kinda war-of-the-worlds metatextual fantasy way? I think... the series itself is part fiction?

@ieure @paintron6000 Hey did y'all ever hear about the Polybius Conspiracy? Been listening to a pretty wild NPR series about it.

Does it weird anyone else out that cylinders and cones are euclidean but spheres/saddles aren't?

love too receive subtle editorial commentary on my sexuality via netflix categories

"INTJs are usually better in a working situation than in a recreational situation." oh god did I become a service pup to turn love into work

okay I know Myers-Briggs is Horoscopes For Nerds but I'm re-reading the INTJ tropes and vibrating uncomfortably because they have me fucking clocked

It still bothers me that C.L.A.T is delivered in "Legend, Art, Theater, Club" order.

@paintron6000 okay hit me with that weird shit, I know you've got some saved up

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