Boorish patriotic chanting briefly ensues; followed quickly by apologies and plans to share vaccines with developing countries

I admire the analytics business. They took a profitable niche of a saturated market by:

1. Noting a change (GDPR)
2. Building a simple, high quality product
3. Focusing on customers
4. Iterating

Now they’re supporting 2 people full time and growing. Plus: cats!

It has come to my attention that many of my readers are not familiar with the term “’tocks”. My editor felt enough people would be familiar with this abbreviation of “buttocks.” They were wrong, and have been sacked.

As reparation, please accept these fine ‘tocks

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I always enjoy writing the little bios for these spy pins. Bite-sized lore, in 100 characters or less.

Garlic may not be the most nutrient dense food, but I feel like these nutrition facts may be an underestimate? I do, however, appreciate their recommended serving size

Went to my first conference in AGES today. Was really chill, nice venue, well organized – would recommend.

★★★★★, would be immunized again

I’ve lost track of how many times Google News has shown me “my daily horoscope” and I’ve tapped “Show fewer stories like this”.

Today it finally got the message – I want my *lookahead* horoscope. Obviously. No sense living in the past.

Letting users tone down the frequency of “smart” notifications is great. Giving users only occasional notifications about the really great stuff is so much better than having people turn notifications off entirely.

2021 Ioniq EV: “I’m basically a Prius”
2022 Ioniq EV: “I’m a cyberpunk crossover concept come to life”

I tend to under-use workflow automations like Shortcuts, for fear that some update will break them and my workflow. Finally, I built a couple simple Shortcuts. I like them! But within a couple days, they broke. Apparently this is a known iOS 14.3 bug. 😣 At least I tried?

Every time you install a Steam game, it asks whether you want to create a “start menu shortcut”. Macs do not have a Start Menu.

Valve has no management structure, so it’s nobody’s job to fix this bug. It’s now been there 11 years. It annoyed me at first, but now? It’s kinda cute

Most animals, from trilobites to humans, are bilaterals. According to Wikipedia, this is “an idealized bilaterian body plan”.

Yup, that’s me

Docs: “If you’re learning React or creating a new single-page app, use Create React App, a comfortable environment”

Me: seems pretty sus

*follows steps to make a React TypeScript app*

Terminal: *permission errors, language version incompatibilities, barfs, combusts*

Me: oh

You’ll find a working number eventually, I believe in you MDNSResponder

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🎵 Thomas Oliver’s coming ho-o-ome!

After 16 days in the NICU and the nursery, Thomas is now fully operational, ready to join Ellie at home. It’s a good day. 🌟

Welcome Thomas Oliver Pike. According to his big sister he is "such a cutie baby with big cheeky chocks". He's been busy "charging up" on phototherapy and probably will be for another week or two. We can't wait to bring him home.

“Contains Acetaminophen and other ingredients” – the exact same other ingredients, in the exact same quantities. But only one of these is “All-In-One” so I guess that one is better 🥴

One of the many problems you can encounter on projects with overly long view controllers is that – if neglected long enough – they can reach 2,147,483,647 lines long and summon the soul of notorious viking warlord “Ivar, Destroyer”

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