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I'm "closing" this account. Now i'm tooting on the chaos.social instance, you can follow me there if you want to: chaos.social/@am

@oliverandrich vielleicht auch einfach einen Client, der nicht die Web UI hat? :)

Sad to see, that Sony didn't release a a7iii yesterday. Let's hope it's coming in June/July!

@Gargron scrape it from the Twitter site?

@nolan before optimizing i encourage you to read the ruby on rails guide: guides.rubyonrails.org/

It's the best way to learn how works and if something you want to optimize is already part of rails or can be tuned to work better based on your needs.

It's also a good idea, to check the Gemfile and look up each gem on github to get a glimpse of what it does.

I hope this helps! :)

After a few stressful (and by that i mean totally relaxed days) i have finally the time to continue working on my mastodon search. There are a few things i want to get done before opensourcing it. And by open sourcing i mean: push it to github and let people figure out how to set it up. :D

Ich habe seit gestern meine SSD per PCIe im Mac Pro laufen und das Ergebnis kann sich sehen lassen: need.computer/posts/ssd-per-pc

@HerraBRE and that's a bad thing? "A+ security" should be absolutely mandatory if you ask me. Of course, hardening a server is much more important, but people need to start somewhere. Instance admins with the technical skills will harden their servers. And smaller instances, aren't really that big of a target. It all boils down to what the threat level really is. If you want to safe people from getting their accounts hacked in open wifis, https is a good way to start.

@HerraBRE And besides that: If you're not able to trust someone else with your toots, it's a great reason to run your own instance! 😊

@HerraBRE sure, but there is no measurable value for backup security.

Providing a good SSL rating at least implies that the admin knows how to setup a webserver correctly. If an instance does not even get an A+ rating, why should the admin care about backups?

I get your point, but if someone goes so far to setup a working HTTPS connection, one can conclude that he cares about backups too.

@HerraBRE sure, but an A+ rating at least implies that the admin cares about transport security. Which kind of "other securities" do you suggest? Insecure server setup and things like that?

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If you're confused by what the double arrow for some replies means, it just indicates that your reply is part of a chained conversation.


@HerraBRE what's your solution? Make it less save for better interoperability? :)

@dictvm as far as I know, most people are pretty happy with the paperwhite (me included).

You should read a few reviews first, but my impression is that the "new things" do not really legitimate the additional cost.

@postmodern yeah, and suddenly every problem can be solved with a blockchain!

@jemus42 where does the data come from? :)

@blinry Ja, mach ich heute noch!

@blinry wenn ich es richtig verstanden habe, sieht mastodon.social (A) nur die toots von z.B. chaos.social (B), wenn jemand von A jemandem von B folgt. A sieht aber trotzdem nicht alle toots von B

@blinry theoretisch ja, aber ich fand die Idee ganz nett, wenn man eine Möglichkeit hat, über alle Instanzen zu suchen. Weil du ja eigentlich "lokal" nur dann die Daten durchsuchen kannst, wenn die Instanzen auf irgendeine Weise mit einer anderen Instanz verknüpft ist (durch einen Follow oder so)