@mocambo I had to go away for a while, but have picked up Otter's development again.

@shel @funkwhale

Sorry for getting to this so late, I have been away for a long time.

Otter's development resumed about a month and a half ago, and we support radios, both the user's custom radios and instance radios (which solves the "shuffle all songs" use case).

If anyone has feedback on ideas, you are welcome to submit your idea on GitHub or come discuss on Matrix (:matrix.org).

@Anprim@todon.nl It is. Hopefully this weekend when I fix a blocking issue on Android 7 (issue #12 on GitHub). There is a massive code overhaul I would like to include as well, if it can make the cut.

@ajeremias Metadata for @fdroidorg was submitted tonight, the app will be available when is passes review and build succeeds (expect some trial and error, there).


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