So many stories about bad managers and bad coworkers out there.



Lol there are so many posts on here where I'm like, "Yep, this is why Gruber doesn't like it".

The mother of the "Dagger" girl in the new Cloak & Dagger series looks and sounds *exactly* like my company's office manager.

Like, *exactly*.

It's disconcerting.

Lol do NOT trust anyone who says "It's all over but the paperwork".

They are LYING.

To you.

Possibly to themselves.

But mostly to you, because they want a new relationship without changing their life.

You are NOT their future.

Anybody have a comprehensive list of who's writing iOS and Mac Mastodon clients?

I don't want to work for AirBNB, I want to work for HeirBNB.

Me, crawling across a blazing desert, too parched to even sweat, rattling out the words with my last breath...

Is iiiiit....





day yet?

Dark Phoenix seems...expensive, but not...good.

Doesn't seem like they learned much from Apocalypse.

Owner of a Lonely Heart still kicks ass!

...also, I am an old, old man.

It's a cheesecake-for-breakfast kind of morning.

What if — now hear me out — what if...I *didn’t* come in to the office...?

@apontious It’s...not a compliment.

In case you were wondering.

I call engineering managers act as their team’s tech lead “über-engineers”.

I will never be able to tell someone, "It's been a long road" without immediately breaking into song:


(I didn't even *like* that show.)

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