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I could really setup office here in Killarney Provincial Park. All I need is a satellite internet connection.

I am a bit disappointed there is no option for DuckDuckGo as a default search engine in the new Brave Browser. They had it in previous versions!

I am testing out the new Brave browser 1.0 beta. I am glad to see in the supported sites section! @Gargron did you have to activate this?

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I have heard of Weibo many times before but has made me look at their site for the first time. I can't read a thing but I like the international crossover!

When is this lab grown meat going to actually be available to buy? Vegetable based meat substitutes have definitely improved a lot but they don't taste exactly like meat.

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Reading online news, 2008:
- go to website
- read news

Reading online news, 2018:
- go to website
- no, don’t share location
- hell no, don’t send me notifications
- consent to cookie warning
- consent to policies
- no, don’t open in app
- no, don’t want the newsletter
- skip inspirational quote
- close full page ad
- read news

Have people heard of BarterDex before? It seems to be able to do atomic swaps between coins using a similar protocol to like LTC and zCash. I'm surprised this isn't more popular!

Betting on the Augur platform is still expensive. Costs 0.013 eth just to place an order. This is too much, unless you are betting a lot of money... I am not.

Have you heard of Pando?

It is a decentralized Version Control System that could replace git. I hope they use IPFS more and do not require too many ethereum transactions to make this work.

And channels appear in the search. This is a great update!

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The PeerTube instance i am on updated their server and now Subscribe works. It works great! Great step forward.

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If I listen hard enough to the wind, I swear, I hear a computer processor trying to run massive amounts of JavaScript.

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Just a tiny update: i'm not working on Prismo atm because i'm actively looking for a new job (btw: if your company is looking for ruby on rails / vue developer, let me know! :D)

Last thing i did was a fully functional activitypub voting. Next thing is gonna be an AP commenting and Prismo is ready for it's first official instance deployed.

Please be patient! :)

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If you were wondering why most photos of the Pyramids in Giza always seem to be from the same angle, this is why

Because of the extensive tourism, they built a highway right up to site. And with tourism and traffic come shops. Businesses get money and they build houses and yet more shops, and so on...

The end result is a city which kinda ruins the mood if you want your pyramid photo to have the “lost in the desert” vibe

Gnome 3.30 coming soon! I like the fact that they mentioned the performance improvements. Always one of the best improvements even if it isn't what everybody is most interested in.

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To combat the gay chemicals in the water, Alex Jones has started putting super male vitality in the water.

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