Hey all, I migrated to bofa.lol! Follow apow@bofa.lol

Is there a way I can just move everything all at once to a diff instance account


What a fuckin weight off my mind SHIT

I did it friends. I broke off the thing. Thanks for all the advice. I don't feel great but they were really understanding and thankfully not too upset.

I used to dress a lot cuter before I started working in an office job. I need more big ass hoodies and pairs of leggings

This is the first time ive worn jeans in a week and I gotta say folks: ugh

The idea that I'm gonna have to make someone feel bad legit makes my heart sink. I don't like doing that to people.

I fuckin hate dating why do I do it fuck fuck fuck

I want to be the good (as good as I can be) person and actually let them know that I'm not interested in pursuing anything further, but dear God this all makes me feel so miserable to think about

How do I break it off with someone I met on Tinder and have seen exactly 3 times help

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only thing i really managed to do today artwise is some little doodles of sc, but i think im getting the hang of stylizing cats like this

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Imagine not having to sleep. Imagine that efficiency

Selfie, drugs 

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