What kind of icon is this?

Me, past: Oh, I'll just have a small chunk of Rust in Ikona for interacting with librsvg
Me, now: Oh, I'll just have a small chunk of C++ in Ikona for interacting with Qt/QML

macOS: our accessibility is great and we know it
Android: we can use our AI prowess to help with accessibility in a manner that no other platform can
Linux: accessibility features dysfunctional, major toolkit considering dropping accessibility features entirely

JavaScript: hello yes I can give your web pages all sorts of cool interactivity stuff, but remember that not all users' computers are equally powerful so use me with care
Modern Web Developers: fAnCy sCroLlInG

Poll: Which of these art styles do you prefer for Taigo?


someone add this to the list of reasons why distros should not make UX choices:

so apparently tamagotchi P1 and P2 patents are expired. interesting :thonking:

perhaps I could use this knowledge to improve taigo.

I made a visual of what you would probably need vs. what already exists for a GNOME OS

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with all the people who want a GNOME OS, who actually wants to put in the work of starting it?

Toki Pona: "why in the hell do you need to say that?"
GNOME: "why in the hell do you need to do that?"

What happens when you mix these two? lon and ilo pona, apparently.

My friend trying to install Fedora Linux with a keyboard that doesn't work in Linux without extra drivers:
Me: so like start Anaconda (the installer program you see in the application launcher) in the live mode with the on screen keyboard
Friend: *attempts to open the disk named Anaconda in Nautilus*

Fotografie macht Spaß 🙃
Regen hält mich nicht davon ab

This weather is like, really nice. If only it stayed like this more often.

Nothing quite like seeing how lazy you've been on your homescreen

Ikona has changed a lot since I first revealed it - it's now a full fledged design companion with all sorts of tools to help you design icons.

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