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Jo 🌸 @applecandy

@viciousviscosity bike riders are appearing more in town too! Have to dodge them, cars, zombies in the mornings!

@viciousviscosity yep. Some think that they have the righty of way and the rest of us have to give way and dodge them!

@viciousviscosity unless absolutely essential, I don't like texting and walking at same time as can't do it.

Phoning at least, you can look up and walk lol

@emdeesee good now that I've finished work! 😂

@viciousviscosity I find they appear more when waiting for the pedestrian light to turn green 🙄

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@viciousviscosity we get that a lot! 😂

Or ppl will phone the fax no and I can hear them on the other end say ' hello? ..... '

Now do I phone his no tomoro or the salon no? 🤔

So I had a missed call and then voicemail from this moby no I didnt recognize after lunch.

I was thinking was it hairdresser as before he wrote done my no?

I weren't gonna listen to voicemail as could be a premium cold caller line or something but I thought I'd risk it.

Turns out it was my hairdresser that left msg! 😂😳

It's a bit nippy today.

Someone lend me their jacket pls??

Stupid hairdressers! Why don't they have answering fone facility!

No one answering fone at hairdressers

I would go downstairs to see if anyone was around to yap to but it's raining out there so can't be asked!

@viciousviscosity I find he evenings zoom past and it drags during the day!