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Does anyone know if there is a way, in , to all phone calls to the ? There used to be an app called "Call Track" which did this, but it's no longer available.

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@LemmyDev When I delete my account on .ml, the media that I uploaded is still visible to the public. Is this the normal behavior of the app? Can you please delete all data I uploaded? Also, will my username be purged? username is aproposnix

Does anyone know if there is a alternative which cares about user and isn't trapped in an ideological bubble?

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@lps @mray @pine64tilvids @penpot

TILvids has a standing offer to any open source projects that we'll be glad to host any demo videos they have to help promote and bring awareness to their project!

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Thanks to all the @torproject contributors for enabling people all around the world to defend themself against and and circumvent . (Attached one of my favorite pictures from the gallery from previous years explaining the importance of .)

Does anyone know if there is an existing application that can rewrite your sentences using random writing patterns? I was wondering if something like this could be useful for evading linguistic fingerprinting.

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The situation of the LGBTI* community in Poland is getting harder and harder as we speak.

No more time to waste while EU citizens' rights are under attack.


🇪🇺 🏳️‍🌈

🐦🔗: twitter.com/TerryReintke/statu

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Does anyone has a good solution under to always disable a certain microphone? (I never use the external webcam's mic, but when I connect the webcam it is always used by default.) Thanks for pointers.

@LemmyDev I want to bring to your attention the issue where the subs the user is sunscribed to are visible to everyone in the world. This is a huge privacy issue.



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An older image along the river in Prague. I'm going through some old photos today that I haven't seen in years.

#Prague #landscape #photo #photography #LumixGX1 #hdr #mono
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