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BEST BEST BEST speech of all time during Trump presidency. .

Thank you @thematthewcooke@twitter.com for writing and speaking this.


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adphi/occweb - Gogs


I really wish someone would take over the development of this nextcloud app. It was very useful. Unfortunately, the developer dislikes the developers of NC for some reason.

Any genius programmers want to fork it and make it live on?

GitHub - popey/sosumi-snap

on a

Found this on Reddit - thought some off you might find it interesting

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Just when you think Elon Musk can't be more of a douchebag, he goes and breaks Signal.

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The Wine team is proud to announce that the stable release Wine 6.0
is now available.

This release represents a year of development effort and over 8,300
individual changes. winehq.org/news/2021011401

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"We are proud to announce the release of Nextcloud Notes Android 3.0 #apps:notes!" 🎉

Thanks to our amazing community! Read more details below!


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🇬🇧 #Brexit deal means: corporate personal data transfers to UK and UK access to sensitive travel and biometric data without effective data protection, despite GCHQ #masssurveillance and constant onward data leaks to 5 Eyes states. #stopmasssurveillance

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Soon you can kiss your $AMZN jobs goodbye

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i am begging y’all to

- add image descriptions to any image you post

- tag @imagecaptionspls if you need assistance

- stop boosting images that don’t have a description added

- add image descriptions to inaccessible toots you stumble upon here

there’s help available if you need it, otherwise do it yourself. there’s really no excuse.

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WHEN IS ANY MAJOR, CREDIBLE NEWS OUTLET GOING TO MENTION GINNI THOMAS AND HER PART IN THIS CAPITOL RIOT? She is the wife of Clarence Thomas, SCOTUS. She paid for 70 busses to bring in the mob, and has had access to Trump to discuss loyalists/enemies.

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Are you a Reddit user? Did you know TILvids has a subreddit? We're closing in on 400 users, and it's a great way to get the #TILvids video of the day to show up on your Reddit feed!

Feel free to join us at reddit.com/r/tilvids

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