DNS over HTTPS and policy • "How DNS over HTTPS is Reshaping Privacy,Performance, and Policy in the Internet Ecosystem". Very thoughtful paper. cs.princeton.edu/~pschmitt/doc #linkblog #dnsdohencryptionpolicyisptootmefcc

"Git push the changes to SourceForge and GitHub."

Best to #deletegithub

No point to it, it's #proprietarysoftware and it's controlled by your competition and the #nsa https://oeekker.wordpress.com/2019/09/14/checklist/

Criando novas estratégias para post na rede social instagram

Acredito que estou vendo vários erros da Matrix isso é possível ? Ou pode ser ser minha cabeça pifando? Tenso demais.

gostaria de ler um sourcecode hoje! Quem me indica uma lib para leitura?

Nada melhor que um passeio com os dogs no domingo.

O encontro e sobre energias e sentimentos. Setimentos são como pássaros só ficam se for alimentados.

Libre software is about empowering users.

It's about the users having rights, instead of developers having rights.

This is fundamental and non-negotiable.

When you purposefully and deliberately shut out a significant portion of your community over your personal feelings, you are taking away the rights of your users.

Libre software developers should be dedicated to making adoption of libre software easier. Better user interfaces and experiences. Wider compatibility. That's how we all win.

I never want too learn anything about anyone i love ever again

Article on Gab's migration to Mastodon


I've looked at founder Eugen's account; he thinks that they have very few active users.

Pessoas que poe anúncios de coisas na internet mas ficam fazendo cu doce para efetivamente vender o troço me estressam.

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