Can anyone recommend a Mastodon <-> Twitter bridge?

building software is easy. building software that doesn't randomly break and works beautifully and seamlessly is hard.

Gopuram icon - how did fontawesome manage to represent such a complicated structure in an emoji-sized icon?

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listen yall i am Cancelling the word "creepypasta" its 2019

instead may i suggest

Fettucine Afraido

Maybe my brain is internet poisoned, but I often don't try to read books linearly. Like, look, the book is there to serve me, not vice versa. I'm going to read it how I want.

I've appalled people by sometimes starting in the middle of fiction books. If the end was good I'll go back and read the beginning. There are so many books out there, I had to see if it was worth my time!

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Sci-Fi plot I'd love to read:

"Rapid human evolution" invented. New species of humans emerges in 2020, evolved for modern world:

👅 Palate calibrated to modern food availability: tasty = healthy

🏙️ Adapted for cities, not tribes: no Dunbar number

💼 Highly abstract and specialized work feels natural and motivating

💗 Empathy scales w/ numbers

🧠 Stats are intuitive. Brain prefers "full picture" over consistency

Homo sapiens see this new species as a mixture of superhuman, pathetic, and alien.

Is public discontent with Facebook reaching a boiling point?

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Individual privacy, freedom of speech, all these things are margins of freedom for a society that let divergent thoughts grow and alternative paths be explored. Lets evolution experiment.

Subsuming the divisive groups of individuals under the unified will of one rule may be more efficient in the short run, but I doubt it's the best way in the long run.

We're honestly very lucky that despite how much power has been concentrated through technology, the US has been relatively benign in suppressing dissent. As bad as you think it is, it's not as bad as it could be. What scares me is the potential for how bad it could become.

A state secure in its power does not over-react. I wonder how much longer that will last.

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there are some alternative web interfaces available (that you can use with every instance), maybe one is a better match for you:

I wish I could drag these columns around or minimize them.

Mastodon complaints: I also really don't like the UI of all the things I click on being just in the right-hand column, and notifications being in the center right. Are these columns in any way configurable?

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Doing some research, would you be interested in using a tool that would automatically cross post your tweets to Mastodon and toots over to Twitter? Please boost for further reach.

Still looking for suggestions of good follows though!

Discovery is hard here.

Do people have suggestions for accounts to follow?

Am particularly interested in:
- p2p tech design challenges
- privacy & cryptography

Yes I know I am rather one-dimensional right now.

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"We cannot expect governments, corporations, or other large, faceless organizations to grant us privacy out of their beneficence."

This quote comes from the Cipherpunk Manifesto, originating from 1993 (!):

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