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I'm giving an overview of the state of decentralized social networks on Wednesday at a virtual meetup, Open Tech Will Save Us, hosted by Matrix:

There will also be talks on the Nym Mixnet and Aether P2p. Drop by!

Does anyone follow a PeerTube or PixelFed account on here? What is it?

Curious to see how that interaction works on Mastodon.

What features or aspects of Mastodon do you like the most, and what do you like the least?

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As I've revealed in my last Patreon post, I've been working on adding end-to-end encryption APIs into Mastodon as an upgrade to the direct message system.

Any and all technical details available at the moment are here:

An implementation guide for app developers is being worked on.

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I published a post comparing IPFS and Dat at a high level and in the technical details the other day:

Do you use either? What do you like or dislike about them?

Does anyone want to review my draft blog post on decentralized social networks? I'm comparing federated and p2p models, focusing on Mastodon and ssb.

Any feedback is welcome, I tried to write up an objective take on the pros and cons of each.

The expectation of web apps being free just moved the costs elsewhere. Now we're paying for the previous generation's idealism -- content creators struggling to monetize, and intractable advertising-based surveillance business models.

Thoughts on Twitter decentralization project?

Can anyone recommend a Mastodon <-> Twitter bridge?

building software is easy. building software that doesn't randomly break and works beautifully and seamlessly is hard.

Gopuram icon - how did fontawesome manage to represent such a complicated structure in an emoji-sized icon?

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listen yall i am Cancelling the word "creepypasta" its 2019

instead may i suggest

Fettucine Afraido

Maybe my brain is internet poisoned, but I often don't try to read books linearly. Like, look, the book is there to serve me, not vice versa. I'm going to read it how I want.

I've appalled people by sometimes starting in the middle of fiction books. If the end was good I'll go back and read the beginning. There are so many books out there, I had to see if it was worth my time!

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Sci-Fi plot I'd love to read:

"Rapid human evolution" invented. New species of humans emerges in 2020, evolved for modern world:

👅 Palate calibrated to modern food availability: tasty = healthy

🏙️ Adapted for cities, not tribes: no Dunbar number

💼 Highly abstract and specialized work feels natural and motivating

💗 Empathy scales w/ numbers

🧠 Stats are intuitive. Brain prefers "full picture" over consistency

Homo sapiens see this new species as a mixture of superhuman, pathetic, and alien.

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