Yet another good reason to make sure you're opted out of all Firefox 'studies' and 'experiments' or whatever they're calling them today.

They are not getting better as a company. Somehow these weird, anti-user things just keep happening. Because they're the 'future' apparently.

This is only the future if we continue to tolerate it.

@natecull Automating recommendations is just not a pressing problem. That's what a "social network" is for. People recommend things to to others they know one-to-one or by broadcasting to the world (hopefully with some trust involved). And we can have "social networks" that don't require surveillance. Why do these things keep coming up? Who are the people that have difficulty finding things to look at? What real value to people are there in these things? :/


@cstanhope @natecull What, you don't want your consciousness continuously shaped by background recommender algorithms?

Guess the idea is to help people find and filter info, which I would be more happy with if it did not result in the companies ending up with detailed profiles of everyone's thoughts and interests.

Better client-side ML could make this possible someday.

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