What features or aspects of Mastodon do you like the most, and what do you like the least?

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poorly designed silencing/muting/filtering content options

@darckcrystale What kind of silencing/muting/filtering options do you want?

As far as I know, you can mute accounts, hide an account's retweets, and filter out keywords.

@arcalinea if i mute an account, their boosted posts will be put in my TL

if i mute or/and block an account, i still see the posts of other accounts @ ing it

filters are hidden in parameters, i would like to have a quicker access to it

i would like to have suggested filters

i would like to be able to use regex in filters

i would like to be able to have different filters on my different TL

@arcalinea I need to think about this, answers may dribble in.


- decentralised
- noncommercial
- surveillance-reduced
- lists
- hashtags

- lack of search
- lack of groups
- instance mortality (mine likely dies this month, 2nd that's gone "bye")
- lack of markdown.

@dredmorbius The likes are straightforward, but I'm curious about the dislikes.

What do you mean by "lack of search"? Is it because the search function is limited to what's on this instance and instances that people on here follow?

How do you envision a group working?

What do you do when your instance dies, against your will?

Why do you want markdown?

@arcalinea Search: there's no (or very limited) full-text search, and no advanced search.

This ... can avoid some problems (griefers, stalkers, abusers, agitators, searching and brigading people or topics).

But it makes the use-case of having a searchable, referenceable trove, largely impossible. I search my own content especially, extensively. That was hugely useful at G+, Reddit, and HN. Not so much Mastodon & Diaspora.

Hashtags are weaksauce.

@arcalinea Instances dying: What I do is try to be aware, and archive my content, migrate activity elsewhere.

This loses a lot of context.

OTOH I've considered that having serial short-duration profiles might be a win (1 month to 1 year, say): 1 period active, 1 period quiescent, then gone.

Self-hosting is ... theoretically possible but poses privacy, DoS, and complexity risks/hurdles.

@arcalinea A group would have some mix of:

- Subscribers/readers.
- Submitters/posters. Might or might not overlap w/ readers.
- R/W scopes; public, private, specific bounds.
- Moderators/admins. Managing members, content, scope, other policies.

Groups solve the problem encountered by lists in that groups are MUTALLY defined, lists are RECIPIENT defined.

@arcalinea Markdown: emphasis -- italic & bold esp. Lists. Footnotes ;-) Maybe formatted links. Formulae.

Proxies like _italic_ or /italic/ or *bold* or BOLD are ... awkward.

Doesn't have to be markdown specifically, I prefer _italiic_ *bold* to markown's single/double '_' '*' chars. Formulae are LaTeXy.

@arcalinea Update addressing several points:

Glitch Social does do Markdown (and <HTML>).1
Account mobility kinda-sorta exists but is flakey

On the second: your follow of me to my new home (a previously extant account) seems to have worked, but I had to pick up my follow of you manually.

But Markdown is very much awesomesace. Even if it doesn't include footnotes.


Some clients will show formatting on this toot. (This footnote is faked manually :blobcatsad:​)

@arcalinea For the toot in its full glory:

(I'm noticing that _text_ seems to render as underlined rather than italic, which makes a sad 🙁 Italic is *text*. I prefer reserving * for bold and using _ exclusively for italics, because reasons.​)

@dredmorbius Also, can you share lists? I can't find any of your lists. Are they only private, or can I follow someone else's?

@arcalinea No, lists aren't sharable. I mostly have hi/med/lo priority, plus a "voluable", and a few others. They manage noise and ensure that infrequent posters of interest (e.g., yourself) are seen.

But they're ingress filters only:

- Members of lists don't know which they're on.
- I cannot post to a list for audience or topic. Hashtags (topic) or "all followers" only.

Topical organisation of lists ... breaks badly. I've tried. Don't. Members don't post as the list-maker wants.

@arcalinea would love to see some kind of video auto play as I scroll through my feed. I wanted to see if there was any riot coverage on Mastodon but every video was a link that had to be clicked

@arcalinea Dislike: inability to mute a specific thread or time out an account.

When someone pushes buttons, having their notifs staring at you is like splinters under fingernails.

The only options are permanent mute or block.

Often a day/week/month would be a good start.

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