Digital Democracy is hiring for 1. a front-end dev 2. a UX designer to help build p2p mapping tools for remote and marginalized communities:

@Catsandcatsandcats love how you're just standing there watching and documenting this destruction

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IT guys at work be like

> "So there's this social network called "Mastodon". Let's block it so the workers don't slack off"
> *adds to the firewall*


Who knew the apocalypse we got would feel more like purgatory

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@Hyolobrika @arcalinea you can find a bigger version here:
It is still a work in progress, so if you have any feedback, corrections and/or suggestions they are more than appreciated and you can file them here: (everyone will be credited). For example, 2009 and 2012 are missing atm because we couldn't find any relevant events for those years.

@PresGas Thanks - I think a lot of making a successful protocol is gaining developer mindshare, and I'm not sure Solid has that. There are data 'pod' services like Inrupt that have been started, and is an application, but I haven't seen many others.

@lidia_p @Hyolobrika This is quite difficult to read as an image, perhaps it would be better navigate as a webpage?

Someone shared this wild chart of the Fediverse with me. Groovy 70's meets Tables. And 2009 and 2012 are missing? I'm in awe. How..

@PresGas Cool! Did your social circle migrate, or did you make new connections there? How often do you use it? And can I join to check it out?

@kmicu How active are people on there? I had an account way back when, but don't remember the login. Tried to sign up again recently and couldn't get through the process, had a hard time finding functional pods.

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I'm giving an overview of the state of decentralized social networks on Wednesday at a virtual meetup, Open Tech Will Save Us, hosted by Matrix:

There will also be talks on the Nym Mixnet and Aether P2p. Drop by!

@kawaiipunk What can you do with your server to improve search?

@kawaiipunk @RadioAngel Thanks! I was trying to search on mastodon, this 'remote interact' button is interesting.

@kawaiipunk Where's an example of one? Search is not working so well for me.

Does anyone follow a PeerTube or PixelFed account on here? What is it?

Curious to see how that interaction works on Mastodon.

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