@arcanum 👀 took long enough to reply to this, THAT’S how tired i am...

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oh god i got a job and now i'm tired physically not just emotionally

WOW it's SNOWING holy crap


time to pokéwalk to Phó and slowly build my christmas wishlist >:3c

@arcanum the person currently in is spinning around in a circle on their back like a possessed fella and like.... i wanna do that. feel gravity disappear and haunt my way around

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about to watch me pappy go into the wind tunnel !!!! ☁️🌬☁️

ahhhhh i love Anna 😚😚😚especially when the children are nasty and won't sit still for heals

ahhh i am not as good with Roadhog as i used to beeeeee

morning pokewalk: trounced 3 gyms

morning Overwatch: quickplay and junkenstein waves

Sunday Funday!!!

the Barricade Boys are back in town. setting up for a protest? or just generic crowd control ? whaddup

early 2000's pop music 

*entire crazy frog windup phrase*

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It's a perfect day to remember Callahan's Law: "Shared pain is lessened; shared joy, increased — thus do we refute entropy."

if i don't get a job by November 15 i'm going straight to freelance. i've had it with waiting around. i want to feel useful and create.

so low energy most of the day and then twote at ppl and got texts reaffirming friendship and i feel better. time to sleep early because of Winter Sky 💤

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The factory walls are pulsating with light, the floor vibrating with beating sounds. The fabric of space time has been abandoned to music

Hovercrafts come and go, full of the strangest beings from the furthest reaches of the universe. Oxygen rooms, sulphur rooms, liquid rooms: the party caters for all

No sun will ever rise: here is nowhere, a rock lost between galaxies, a billion year emptiness ahead

There is only the party, tiniest of nothings sprung out of a wormhole

#writing #flashfiction

-walkies ☑️
-read more about occult roots of Nazism ☑️
-read more Temple Grandin Animals in Translation ☑️
now it's time for dindin

mr raven your voice is so lovely today !!! so deep and sultry

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