@arcanum 👀 took long enough to reply to this, THAT’S how tired i am...

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oh god i got a job and now i'm tired physically not just emotionally

WOW it's SNOWING holy crap


time to pokéwalk to Phó and slowly build my christmas wishlist >:3c

@arcanum the person currently in is spinning around in a circle on their back like a possessed fella and like.... i wanna do that. feel gravity disappear and haunt my way around

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about to watch me pappy go into the wind tunnel !!!! ☁️🌬☁️

ahhhhh i love Anna 😚😚😚especially when the children are nasty and won't sit still for heals

@Arioch1530 aiya i!!! stretch that armpit for tingles in the hand and fingies

ahhh i am not as good with Roadhog as i used to beeeeee

morning pokewalk: trounced 3 gyms

morning Overwatch: quickplay and junkenstein waves

Sunday Funday!!!

@hi_cial my firmend is a victim of malpractice and it suxks to have that be over ones head when trying to go for help. keep on keeping on!

@hi_cial damn that is a big thing to get through. i get you

the Barricade Boys are back in town. setting up for a protest? or just generic crowd control ? whaddup

@Eisbar yeah it was very hard to get into writing and character wise.

early 2000's pop music 

*entire crazy frog windup phrase*

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It's a perfect day to remember Callahan's Law: "Shared pain is lessened; shared joy, increased — thus do we refute entropy."

@hi_cial a therapist is a professional. they know how to be kind, and patient for you to open up at your own pace. if they don't.... they're not a good therapist. i highly recommend putting yourself out there and doing it. sometimes no one around you knows what to say. but a therapist does.

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